Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hawaiian Runner

I have to say, this was one of the most fun paintings I've ever done. When I was asked to make a painting of a girl running in Hawaii...for a girl who loved running and Hawaii, I thought I was dreaming. Could there really be another girl out there just as obsessed with both of those things as me!?! Not only that, but her brother owns a running shoe store on the Big Island of Hawaii! So she might have a leg up on me there (hehe, leg up).

As you can tell, they really had to twist my arm to agree. I couldn't wait to get started! The painting is meant to be a surprise birthday gift, and after throwing a few ideas around, her husband and I decided on a girl running along a Hawaiian beach at sunset.

Step 1: Sketch out the landscape to then cut out and trace onto canvas
Step 2: Paint the sky and ocean
Mountains and beach

Though I cut out my sketches of palm trees, I ended up just painting my trees free hand while staring at my cutouts, rather than trace them with my brush. I've gotten comfortable enough with palm trees to be confident that I can free-hand paint them, despite knowing that I've got that one shot- screw up once and the whole thing is toast! I think I've gotten pretty good at them!
The cut out palm trees I never used

See? Not too shabby!
All I need is a girl running...Now, who do I know that's a girl that runs? Hmm....... Ok, ok. I couldn't resist putting myself in the painting, so I made the Turtle take a picture of me running in our parking lot.
Sketched me...I took a little artistic license and added more hair so you'd know it's a girl

Now, you think I'm done right? No, sir! Now comes the tricky part. He wanted me to add a scripture verse to the painting. Now, for those that know me, I have absolute chicken scratch for handwriting. Its horrid. It's some kindergarden print/cursive mutant hybrid. So, I typed out the verse in a fancy cursive font and printed it out to stare at while I attempted to write pretty. It can't be that hard, right? Just pretend they're palm trees, Tink! It's just lines and shapes, how hard can it be?


After 2 attempts and a trip to the local craft store, I finally got it right. Third times the charm! It helped that I was writing the verse in white on black, so each time I messed up I just painted over it in black to wipe the slate clean.

So finally, I give you The Hawaiian Runner:

Hawaiian Runner - 24" x 28" Acrylic
 I can't wait to find out if she likes it! And the added bonus? When her husband sent my payment, he sent me a little surprise.....

It totally made my day! I can't wait to wear it. This too could be yours from the Big Island Running Co.

Well, another painting done...Time to start on my next one, and this one is going to be HUGE.


  1. Beautiful painting! I love that you put yourself into it. :) I hope someday I get a chance to run in Hawaii myself so I can see how pretty the sunset is. Three of my team mates for Ragnar (my friend, his brother and his Dad) are running the Honolulu Marathon....maybe someday?? Do they have a half option??

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, the official Honolulu Marathon doesn't have a 1/2, but there are other 1/2 Marathons in HI throughout the year, including the Wahine Half in April which is part of the Diva series!