Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Busy Busy

Brrrrrrrrr..... Greetings from South mean, Ohio. Finally, everyone at home can now understand the nose-freezing-off cold I experienced there. Mwahahahahaha!

Poor Nike gloves, left in a bar in Incheon, S. Korea. Alllll alone

Since I'd had enough venturing out in the arctic for a lifetime, I spent the entire holiday weekend shut up in sherpa-lined pjs without a stitch of makeup (well, aside from my trip to the gym Sat. am). With all that time on my hands, I got not 1 but 2 paintings done, and started a 3rd! That's a record! Just call me the Nicholas Sparks of painting (who really should be banned from writing yet another love story certain to be doomed by cancer. Someone please make him stop!)

Here is "Son of a Beach"
20" x 30" acrylic original
And here is "Sorcerer Mickey"

And finally....
Since the gym was closed on Monday, I have to do a 3-in-a-row workout this week Tues, Wed & Thurs, which I'm actually happy about. Call me crazy, but I'm not about to run in circles 2 days in a row. No sir. So that means I get to substitute a run with the eliptical, and not feel too guilty about it. Yay!
Hope everyone is staying warm!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Larry the Lion

Meet Larry. He's a lion. I was going to name this something more regal and pretty, but noooooooo, the Turtle had to walk by while I was working and say, "How's Larry?"


And that was that.

 It took my 2 hours to get the left side of Larry's mane perfect. I just could not get it right! And of course, I was sketching in a white hoodie. Or should I say, previously white hoodie. Time to stock up on some Oxi-Clean...

Almost could have just left him like this!
And now, introducing Larry.......

"Larry the Lion" A 24" x 30" acrylic original

It's been awhile since I've updated you on the running. I'm still putting in two 9 milers a week, and have increased my elipticalling to twice a week, instead of just once. It all started with an innocent little invite by my sister in-law to go elipt one Saturday morning in October....and I've been going every Saturday since. I'm so easily swayed. Plus, I love being able to work out in the morning, and I get to have that worked-out feeling all day Saturday. I love it!

I'm all signed up for the Air Force Half Marathon, hopefully they'll figure it out this year so I can stop running at 13.1! And I am soooo super excited that it is now offically less than a year to go to the Disney World Half Marathon! Wahoo! 2014 Half, yippeeeeee!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Open For Business!

I am so excited to announce that my Etsy Shop is open for business! The design is a little bare bones right now, but my paintings are there, shining bright! I'm actually in the process of having a logo designed for The Running Paintbrush brand, which I am beyond thrilled about! I'm starting to feel official!

The link to my site is

When you go to the site, you'll notice I haven't posted any of my Disney paintings, my pride and joys. The only reason is because all the Disney paintings I have done thus far, I have emailed pictures of to Disney in hopes they will eventually get around to noticing and demand I sign with them at once! However, I am always, always, always willing to take requests for Disney paintings if anyone is interested in their own custom-made Running Paintbrush Disney original :-)

And I want to thank everyone for all of the encouraging comments I have gotten from you on my paintings since I've been posting. They've done a lot to boost my confidence in my work and really encourage me to keep going! I can't wait to share more paintings with you as I keep 'em going!

....and I promise, this will be my one and only semi-sales pitch to you. I won't be that tupperware selling friend who guilts you into buying stuff (I apologize to all tupperware sellers!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lights II

Here is the long-awaited painting I've been working on since NOVEMBER! It seems like this is the painting that would never end, thanks to my frolicking around the world, (and a redo of a major portion of the painting.......and the fact that I picked a painting heavy on yellows and oranges, thinnest of all the paints).

Over the summer, I had done a painting of the 'Lights' scene from Disney's Tangled. Since I love the movie so much, I decided to do it again, a more closeup shot.

 And now, a commercial break while Tink paints and repaints..and repaints and repaints the background...

Voila! Finally, lights I can live with

And finally........

"Lights II"    24" x 36" Acrylic original

I'm already cruising thru my next painting. Still working on Etsy, signed up just need to post my photos to the site!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The 520 Laps of Christmas

Happy New Year!

I spent a lovely week and a half with my fam in Cleveland. Which meant, drum roll please, 520 laps at the Rec Center.

I've gotten pretty spoiled by my 8-lap/mile track, so having to shrink down to an 11-lapper was a blessing and a curse. It was nice to be forced to slow down my speed, since really, there is no way to gain enough speed when you have to slow right back down again for the next turn. After calming my slight freak out and accepting that I didn't have a choice, I enjoyed the relaxed pace.

RRB joined me for a few runs as well, which is always fun. No playlist, no matter how exciting, can beat gabbing about food, politics and movies with your best running buddy! Another plus? My mom rode the bike a bunch of the times I went too! (She even chauffered me and worked out the entire time I was there my last day since my car had a flat. Now, that's love).

And the best part? Working out at the Rec means recovery dips in the hot tub. Now, that's luxury!

We're hot tub junkies

Aside from that, the time in Cleveland was great, I hated leaving. It was so nice spending time with mom (including the day after Christmas when we got snowed in), seeing friends & fam, and getting some quality Teddy time.

Now, it's back to the grind. I am finishing up this Disney painting I've been working on since before Seoul, and just started sketching out a new non-Disney painting last night.

Annnnd, my paintings will soon be available for purchase online! I am opening an Etsy account and will be listing my paintings soon. Mega millions, here I come. Ha!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!

Teddy says Happy New Year too!