Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

I've told you about my absolute favorite Walt Disney World Resort, the Boardwalk, and now it's time to talk about it's neighbors, the Yacht & Beach Clubs. Just across the pond (Crescent Lake) from the Boardwalk, are the Y&B Resorts. I've spent countless evenings staring out at the Yacht Club (while waiting for the Turtle to hurry up already so we can go to the parks!). It's lighthouse is one of my favorite things about it, and I can't seem to take enough photos of it, like the one below:

After I made my Boardwalk painting, I decided to turn it into a huge multi-canvas piece that will include all of the Resorts along Cescent Lake. In fact,  I may even turn this into an project of ALL the Disney Resorts, so stay tuned! So, for the 2nd installment, here is the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts:


 I was really happy when the sketching went a lot faster for this one than the Boardwalk. I think I was still in my groove from doing that one, which is so similar in style.

And once again, I had to get creative with my painting locations. After taking a step back I noticed my lighthouse was totally off...and I didn't feel like putting my drop cloth (old shower curtain) back on the table and setting up my workshop all over again...so I just plopped on the floor to touch it up!


I always get so nervous in the paint drying period between doing the colors for the water and then adding the black shadowing. As the water is above, in its raw un-shadowed state, it just looks so unpolished and its hard for me to see if it will come together or not. And just to torture myself more, I didn't get to add the black for days...so I had to stare at it propped up against the living room wall every. single. night.

But, I'm happy to say, it all came together!

"Disney's Yacht Club Resort"
12" x 36" original acrylic on canvas

Next up, the Dolphin Hotel!


  1. I've never stayed over on the Epcot side, so that explains why I had no idea where these were. So pretty!!! Maybe I'll get to stay there one day (though my MIL is obsessed with the Grand Floridian.)

    1. The GF is great too, we stayed there for 3 nights when Disney comped us for losing the Turtle's suitcase on Magical Express (mine too, but mine was at least found later, not his!). And the Yacht Club has a real-sand bottomed pool and a pirate ship too!

  2. It did come together! Looks fab! I've never even been to Epcot. How pathetic is that?

  3. Girl that is beautiful!! Great work! Haven't stayed at either resort but would love to one day! :0)

  4. I love that you take pics of the different stages of the painting to find a beautiful piece at the end. It looks wonderful!

  5. Beautiful as always Tink!!! Love it!