Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Boss

Hi strangers!

It's been awhile since I've posted. The last few months have been an absolute whirl wind, with tons of trips up to Cleveland, some modeling gigs, another trip to Disney, not to mention my successful art hanging at Grumpy's Cafe! My head has been spinning, but luckily, I have been able to squeeze out some more paintings, including this bad boy.

A running friend of mine is obsessed, OBSESSED, with Bruce Springsteen. He asked me to paint his favorite pic of the Boss for his birthday, and I have to admit I was a little intimidated. I made sure to warn him I've never painted an actual human before, and showed him examples of what his painting would probably end up looking like when I was thru with it. And still he wanted it, poor guy. So, here's The Boss!

Here's the original picture he sent me.....

And here is my take....

It took me 2 hours, 2 canvases and lots of back and forth iMessages with my mom to finally get his facial features right. I was sooooo relieved when I finished!

Finally starting to look human........

And finally..............

"The Boss"
16" x 20" original acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas

Going to be busy with lots more paintings, Grumpy's wants me to hang again next year, which gives me plenty of time to make a whole new batch to hang there!


  1. I love Bruce Springsteen! You should paint that album cover with the red baseball hat hanging out of his back pocket. No facial features to worry about! :)

  2. The Boss came out great! He is one of the Caveman's favorites. Glad things are good!