Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healing Sucks

I miss running. I miss it as much as insomniacs miss sleep, dieters miss chocolate, Kate Gosselin misses being on TV.

I miss feeling like a rock star when I run. I miss the neighbors gawking at me as I pass their house for the 7th time in an hour. I miss getting nearly run over by cars in this god-foresaken city with no sidewalks. I miss obsessively checking my pace on my Garmin watch. I miss listening to the songs on the playlist that I only let myself listen to when running (sniffle, its been too long "Dancing With Myself"). But most of all, I just miss feeling like myself.

See how happy I am
Over the past 12 years, running has slowly become part of who I am, a huge portion of how I define myself. Without it, I feel a bit lost. One skipped run, and I feel like a fraud. Like one skipped run should  strip me of my title of ‘runner’.

Luckily, with this latest injury, I have been able to ride the bike. Much as I hate it, that little bike has been my savior. If I didn’t have some outlet for my cardio, I’d be a complete basket case by now. While I know biking is definitely not the same as running,  the damage to my speed and stamina should be minimal when this is over. To get my biking to equal my running, I’ve been riding until I get to 800 calories, which is what I burn in my typical 9 mile run. Tricky business since there is the obligatory gym sign of ’30 Minute Limit Per Machine.’ (My trick? Resetting my bike every 30 minutes…or just coming to the gym after 6 when no one’s there).

Except for Theresas

But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t feel pain just walking any more and I’m planning my first run to be on my beautiful Towpath next weekend. If taking 2 weeks off for my honeymoon (where I did nothing but sit on the beach) didn’t hurt my running, 3 weeks off with the bike should be no sweat.  And I can NOT wait to get back!

And neither can my car, because I sweat 1,000 times more on the bike.

So much for that new car smell

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