Monday, September 26, 2011

New Shoes

As I've mentioned, it’s been a year of injuries. Injuries and I do not get along (and coincidentally, when I’m on bad terms with injuries I don’t get along with anyone, sorry dear husband).  Nothing makes me crabbier than not being able to run. 

I blame it all on Brooks. Oh yes Brooks, you had treated me so well for the last 3 years, but then you stabbed me in the back and discontinued my favorite shoe (Brooks Infiniti). I'd been betrayed. Et tu, Brooks?

So, I bought the Brooks Ravenna, which was supposed to be the Infiniti's predecessor. But oh no,  this shoe turned out to be the bad uncle of my favorite dependable pair. They attacked my Achille's to the point where I couldn't wear shoes with backs (including my favorite hooker heels) and had to perform surgery on my shoes to be able to continue to run (don't worry, I'm a (shoe) doctor). 

Tape to keep the stuffing in

After that, I went to Fleet Feet in Cincinnati where the sales lady paid zero attention to me and put me in Brooks Glycerin. Same thing happened. These Brooks shoes were determined to mess my Achilles! So finally, after filling Brooks’ inbox with lengthy emails begging them to reinstate my precious Infiniti's, I found a few pairs on in my size! Wahoo! Happy dance!

But something was wrong. My first run, I had to tie them ridiculously tight, and still felt like I was flopping around in a pair of clown shoes. When I got home I had a huge blister across the entire back of my right heel.

“They’re just not broken in,” I rationalized. It’s a fluke! So I did the only logical thing to do, and stocked up on oversized bandaids. Eventually, I got used to my laces cutting off my circulation and kept running. After a few weeks, the top of my right foot started sporting a hard, nodule from the laces being so tight and the blister started to morph into a nasty calloused, bloody sore. But I could still run, and that’s all that matters.

I started stuffing paper towels in my shoe to provide extra cushion with the bandaid. After all, it couldn't be the shoes! They were the same size and shoe I'd been running in injury-free for 3.5 years!

Hard knob, courtesy of super tight laces

my leprousy

But then, the last straw. I went out for my usual 9 miler, and had so much pain in my groin that I........stopped……running. I NEVER stop. I've run through shin splints, a sprained ankle, fevers and once went running only an hour after puking from the flu (Lucky Charms have never been the same). I do NOT call a run short. But, I had so much pain from a pulled groin that had been bothering me more and more the last two weeks that I had to do the unthinkable and hobbled home in defeat. I had the Air Force 1/2 Marathon coming up in a week and for once, I decided to be smart. So, I sobbed and sniffled all the way home and then did what anyone in this situation would do. I called my mommy.

That brings us to now, two weeks after the horrible aborted run. As you've read, my new best friend, Advil, got me through the 1/2 Marathon with flying colors, and this week I've been torturing myself on the stationary bike.
Only another 45 minutes to go!
This weekend, I went to Fleet Feet Northfield and got new shoes! The poor salesgirl. I came prepared with notes about my different aches and pains. But, she listened, watched me walk and run (I don't pronate!), and I picked out what I hope will be my new favorite shoes. Which, ironically, are my old favorite shoes. Back when I first started running, I'd worn Mizuno Wave Riders, and now, it looks like we meet again. 

My, hopefully, new friends

 Not that I needed any more incentive to heal faster!

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