Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty & the Beast

I have a new favorite child. THIS is my new favorite painting! I had been putting off doing it for a bit because it intimidated me a little, but I am so glad I finally did it. And it turns out there was nothing to be afraid of! I hardly had to use my eraser at all when I was doing my sketching. I guess that whole 'practice makes perfect' idea has some truth to it since Disney Princesses don't seem to be giving me much trouble lately (however, I still refuse to believe this theory would have worked for my piano practice, mom ;-) )

Here is 'Beauty & the Beast':

No matter how much sense it would make to do my sketching and painting left to right because I'm a rightie, I still usually start working on the right....which leads to pencil and paint smudges getting all over myself and the canvas. Every time I start a new piece I swear I'll do it the right way, but I prefer to start with the most difficult parts, whatever side they're on. And when I'm painting, I stick to doing the same color families at once. Mixing paint can be a huge drag and sometimes it feels like I spend half of my time doing that (part of the reason why I love my bi-colored paintings, like my last Little Mermaid piece so much!).

And finally....

"Beauty & the Beast"
18" x 24" Acrylic original


  1. Wou are really talented tink...awesome!

  2. I loved this one as soon as I saw the pencil sketch. Great job!

  3. Incredible! I love this so much. x

    <3 Melissa