Thursday, February 14, 2013

You Know You're a Runner When....

The other day I realized that I have been seriously running and racing for over 8 years. Man, that seems like a really long time. As a kid who tagged along to her brothers' countless soccer games and practices, hunting for spare change under the bleachers and reading books waiting for the games to be over, I remember being jealous that my brothers' had a "thing". In college I remember having a conversation with my friend lamenting my lack of a niche. Well, since that conversation I have proudly been able to call myself a runner, and I could not be more proud of that title.

On that note, I had a list of "You Know You're a Runner When..." sent to me today, and I decided to make my own version:

You Know You're a Runner When.....

.....You willingly wake up early on weekend mornings to run.

.....You have an enormous collection of safety pins scattered around your house, car, purse, etc. You never know when you'll need to fasten a bib to your clothes!

.....You schedule vacations around races. Disney Half Marathon! Plus, I'm googling races every time I book other vacations too!

......You're always hungry. And I mean always. Seriously, I could eat two 'Gotta Have It' sizes at Coldstone Creamery and still be hungry.

Feed me Seymore!

......You've run thru fire alarms. I'll leave when I see flames.

......You've become an expert on different injuries and ailments...And freely diagnose other runners and yourself.

.....You've named your Garmin. Mine's George.

.....You have black toes. If you have any toenails at all.

.....You get great enjoyment out of grossing others out with your mangled feet.

....You know the location of every water fountain in your neighborhood.

....You know the exact distance of one lap around your block. .22!

....You're a wiz at converting miles to kilometers. 9 miles = 15k!

....Your constantly judging terrain on your travels for suitable running paths. Flat. Must be flat.

....Your favorite pictures of yourself are when you're running...Not that you can find non-running pictures of you...

....You've slept in your running clothes the night before morning runs. That's like 3 extra min of sleep!

....You turn into an absolute monster when you miss a run. Seriously, just don't even talk to me on those days.

....You've run with a fever, flu, cold, nausea, injury, whooping cough, get the idea.

....You've named your running routes... like 'Nuthouse Trail', 'Big Boy' or 'Puke Hill'

Puke Hill

.....You feel your most beautiful in your running gear. There were days I swore I wanted to get married in my bra top and shorts.

I think the shoes went smashingly with my dress

And my number one.......

You Know You're a Runner When......You feel most like yourself when you're running.

How about you guys? How do you know you're a runner?


  1. I know I'm a runner because when my kids rummage through my purse for a mint/gum all they come up with is Roctane.

  2. You know were every port-a-john is in your running area!

    That is my contribution!

  3. LOVE.

    PS you look amazing in all your running photos!!!

  4. I love this list. And YES you look amazing in these pics. I need someone to come photograph me! LOL Yay running!