Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Master Chief

It's no secret that I married a nerd. And when it comes to nerd-dom, my Turtle is practically royalty. He has a strange fascination with spreadsheets, numbers and all things technology. Wednesday nights I am sequestered to the 2nd floor so he can geek out with his buddies and have Halo night.... Only no one is in the house but the two of us.

He slaps on the biggest pair of headphones known to man and plays video games with his friends online. 3 years of this and it still is a bit odd to walk in on my husband having a deep conversation about the best manner of alien attack, seemingly to himself.

But that's my Turtle, and I love him for it. There are worse things he could be addicted to... like running ;-)  (good grief, that would be horrific....I don't think I could stand being married to myself!)

Anyway, in honor of my Turtle's love, I painted Master Chief, the main character from Halo. One day, when we have a house and he has his own little man cave, he can hang it on the wall (along with the lightsaber that currently hangs on our living room wall....ok ok, I actually don't mind the light saber...but shhhh! That's our little secret!)

Here is the Chief!


And finally.....

"Master Chief"
18" x 24" acrylic original on canvas

And of course, I've sent it along to the Halo nerds at Bungie to hopefully attract their interest!


  1. Awesome!! My husband is a nerd too! He LOVES Halo and anything xBox!

  2. Nerd husbands are the best husbands. :)

  3. OMG! WE have so much things in common.

    Not only WE both live in OHIO, WE both are married to video games addict nerd guy. :) Your hubby will definitely find a friend in my husband. He plays Assassins Creed in PS3. I don't exist anymore when he's in front of TV playing. :) He's got this big headphones too that makes me wonder every time I call him for dinner, he wouldn't respond.

    I will definitely share this post and your art to my hubby. :)

    1. That's hilarious! I am so sorry you have to deal with this too ;-) Boys and their toys!