Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Kind of Runner Are You?

I saw a link for a 'What Kind of Runner Are You?" test on facebook today, and it was calling my name. I had a pretty good idea as to what the outcome would be (Tink: You are a Robot). But, since that wasn't one of the categories you could fall in...I'll take what I got. And, no I didn't cheat! The quiz doesn't tell you what the different categories you could fall in are before hand, I guess I just have myself pegged pretty well :-)

And the type of runner I am is...............THE WARRIOR

"You are motivated primarily by competition, and you think of running in terms of race training. You would still run if you had to give up racing but not nearly as intensely. You’re likely to understand the science of physical performance and find fulfilment from testing your limits."

Pretty cool, eh? Robot, warrior, it's all good!

Where do you fall? Go take the quiz and find out!


  1. I'm a socialiser, which is hilarious since I always run alone (except for my long runs!)

  2. I'm a purist! We blogged about the same thing, hahaha. Great minds think alike!

    1. I know! I found the link reading your blog. Great post!

  3. I'm
    The same as you! Very fitting for me!!