Friday, November 8, 2013

Night Run & Late Halloween Recap

I know it's a bit late, but here's a review of Halloween! The Turtle and I recently started watching the Walking Dead, and have both developed crushes on the character, Daryl, (me more so then him)

Mmm...mmmm.. Look at those eyes!

So, when the Turtle decided to dress up like him for Halloween, I was all for it! My 2 favorite men combined into one? Who would pass that up? I was more than happy to help him make his costume!

We bought a cheap sleeveless running tech shirt from Target's clearance rack, then cut it down the front to make it into Daryl's leather vest. Then I cut out an angel wing on cardboard to trace onto the back of the shirt. After using half a bottle of white acrylic paint...the wings were ready for lift off! I also flecked white paint onto the back to give it a kind of aged leather look.

For the final touches, I spray painted black a Nerf cross bow (Daryl's weapon of choice) and made 3 zombie ears out of cardboard to string on a necklace that Daryl wore in 1 episode.

Ta da!

zombie ear necklace

The Turtle's work had a Halloween party I was all excited to dress up as Tinkerbell for...but it was over before I got out of work. Not that I let that stop me from dressing up! Disney is encouraging people to tweet them pics of you showing your 'Disney side', and I was more than happy to oblige!

I can have a Halloween party all by myself!

Finally, this week my paranoia/hypochondria got the best of me and I scheduled a last minute skin cancer screening with the dermatologist (everything checked out fine!)...which meant a chance for RRB and I to charge up the headlamps and head out for a night run! We haven't gotten the chance to do this since I moved away!

And it was all great fun, until somebody got hurt. RRB rolled his ankle on a tree root, which is always my greatest fear when we run trails, day or night! Hopefully, he'll heal up quick so we can get back out there next time I visit!

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  1. I must say, the picture of Daryl got my attention! He is my favorite character too. Your costume is gorgeous! You both looked great. Hope you had a lot of fun.