Monday, January 23, 2012

You Know Your Face Is Blue, Right?

I'd mentioned in my last blog that a lot of people participating in the Disney races dress up in costumes and even take pictures with the characters along the way. What I had meant when I said that was to show you just how ridiculously OCD I am that even in Disney, I still can't let go and just enjoy a race. There's a part of me that wanted to be out there in all the bells and whistles, hamming it up with Mickey and Donald and just having a good time..But I'm insane, what can I say.

With that in mind, I had wanted to do something to stand out a bit in whatever way I could. Originally, I was going to buy neon colored gear on clearance at Dick's...until I noticed the majority of stuff on clearance was neon green......Tink's colors!

I snatched up a green t-shirt and shorts, and white knee-high socks for my arms. With the neon striped socks mom got me for Christmas, I was runner Tink!

But why let the solid-color green space go to waste? Why not draw a Tinkerbell on my shirt and write Tink on it to jazz it up? So I grabbed some Sharpies and went to town.

The back
And there in lies my big mistake..........

I told you I have toxic sweat

After I crossed the finish line, I noticed black on my thumb. I thought it must be mascara from my crying so I asked a raceworker if I was a raccoon. She said I was fine. SHE SAID I WAS FINE!

After about 20 minutes of hanging around and chatting with my fellow finishers as we all waited for our friends, one of the girls I was with goes "You know your face is blue, right?"


Then, I looked down at my shirt and saw what had become of my brilliant work of Sharpie art. Sharpie and sweat do NOT mix. I rubbed frantically at my face with my arm socks to de-smurf myself. How could that raceworker tell me I was fine!?

As I scrubbed away, I saw Ryan Sutter coming through the tents with his brother. Yay! Now's my chance to apologize for seeming like a stalker yesterday and tell him I'm really not crazy.

Oh... Right.... I look like a smurf. Somehow I don't think trying to tell Ryan I'm not crazy while I covered in blue will improve my chances of him not filing that restraining order. Dammit, I think as I sadly watch him head toward the busses.

When I got back to the hotel room, I discovered just how bad it was

Next time, I'm going to invest in some laundry markers!


  1. How funny! Ho did you get it off of your body? I must say that the shirt was cute though :)

  2. Good idea it appears for a non-running shirt.

    Sorry - but I am still laughing at "You're fine"

  3. Oh my goodness, what a mess-- hopefully it came off easily!

    If you need to get stuff out of your clothes, you can try oxyclean, that's my favorite stain remover. However, I have no idea what to use to get it off of skin. Probably rubbing alcohol!! Anyway, I'm sure it's all gone by now haha.

  4. Ha ha! At least you're not like the guy who had to go, shall we say, and had it running down his legs. You've seen that pic, right?

  5. oh what a mess! I can't believe that woman said you were fine! That's pretty hilarious!

  6. I laughed until I cried - thanks! Still laughing! (Ahem) sorry.