Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Being Lazy

I have just been too lazy to write any blogs lately. Or maybe just too busy! I've been painting up a storm, catching up on all my DVR'd Castle and Starving Secret episodes (and who can forget 'Not Without My Daughter'- Love that movie!) and well, just being lazy!

When not wrapped up tighter than a mummy in my double-blanketed cacoon, I've had some seriously awesome runs at the gym. After a really crappy first week back from vacation where I felt like I was pulling a tractor behind me all along the track, I recovered with 3 awesome 9 milers since!

Also, I've been working on several paintings, including a very pretty one for my brother and his wife as a house warming gift. While that one is going to take some time, here are 2 others I have completed over the last 2 weeks.

Spring Flower 11" x "17 acrylic

The Guard Shack 18" x 24" acyrlic


  1. enjoy being lazy! You deserve it. Those paintings are so pretty - I wish I had talent like that!

  2. nice work on the 9 milers! I always think that's a great distance to get in more of......

    your body was probably tired after your awesome half and just wanted a week to recharge! I took off a week or two here and there after my marathon in Dec and I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

  3. sweet paintings! Nice work on the 9 milers.

  4. Yay for losing the proverbial tractor--wish I would already!
    Love the paintings!