Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dayton's Tow Path

Need I say more?!  I am soooo happy with my run yesterday!

I was pretty stressed out so decided to take my rage to the bike path and see how that worked out. Some people like to punch walls with their fists, I like to stomp the crap out of a running path :-)  I really wanted to run. To flat out, balls out RUN. Run til I couldn't anymore....(Or like RRB and I say, 'Run til we're on bloody stumps!')  I decided to try running on the bike path, so I could run out and back, unrestricted from the turns of a track. I'd run a mile or so on this a few times before, and always found it very boring, but yesterday it fit the bill just perfectly.

Not as soft as the Cuyahoga Valley Tow Path, but still pretty

It was great! I tried my best not to obsessively check my pace on my Garmin, but the few times I did sneak a peek I was really happy! It was pretty hot, but luckily I stumbled onto a baseball field and I hunted out a water fountain. I had my doubts when I started exploring: The place was really creepy, with all the refreshment stands boarded it was the perfect scene for a zombie apocalypse. Luckily, the glint of silver caught my eye and I let out a manly, Tim Allen-esque "YEEEEESSSSS!" and guzzled some lukewarm water down.

When I got done and saw my pace, I almost fell over! It was by no means a perfect run. It's been awhile since I've been able to run fast and flat like that and I had to take a few stops to catch my breath. But as I continue doing these and get back into my groove, I'll improve and have to take less breaks. My hip was barking this morning, and continues to every time I get up and walk a few steps (though now that I'm home from work and flopping around in my bare feet instead of my work heels, I hardly notice it at all!) But, I think I'm going to have to limit my visits to the bike path to once a week. It kills me that pavement does this to me, it's so restricting!

Time to sweat up my car

Tomorrow, I plan on testing out the non-ACed indoor track and see how that goes! (I learned that the 1/8th mile track is not AC-ed, but there is another 1/12th mile track that is that I can also use for free).

In other news, THEY'RE THROWING OUT MY BIKES!!!!!!!!! When I got to the gym I saw the 3 recumbent bikes I use lined up against the wall like convicts on death row. It shouldn't surprise me, they were the oldest of the recumbents, but I don't like the newer ones! They suck! Plus, that leaves the gym with only 3 recumbents now. They better replace them! I have a feeling I'm going to be obsessing over this until I get used to the new bikes. At least they have cable TV screens, so I can bike with Anthony Bourdain's sarcasm!


  1. Love the look of post-run bliss on your face in that photo :)

  2. Can't you just sneak off with one of the old bikes? ;) Woooot for an awesome run--they are fabulous!

  3. There's also the rubberized track on the other side that may be easier on your hip. It's non-scenic and boring, but 2.18 miles out and back - all flat n straight.

    1. I know and it sounds perfect....except its on the dark side!!!!!