Monday, May 28, 2012

Trot of the Mornin' to You!

One of my early bird friends

Ever have one of those mornings where you just do not want to get up? That was me this morning (or every weekday morning, really).

No, I didn't have to work today. Instead, I decided to celebrate my Monday off by getting up one luxurious half hour later than normal (6...ok, 6:02am). Unfortunately, I ended up waking up 10 minutes before my Hawaiian rap-alarm could go off because my stomach was doing somersaults. Ugh. How can I feel hung over when the hardest thing I drank last night were stolen sips of the Turtle's root beer? Hmmm...I did have frozen yogurt last night. Can one get frozen yogurt drunk?

Anyway, I blearily rummaged thru the still damp clothes from the laundry room and trudged downstairs. They'll get soaked with sweat soon enough anyway. It took all my strength to ignore the couch calling my name (and it was very persuasive).

"Come on Tink, you can nap all day as soon as you get done. Wouldn't you rather watch the Bachelorette tonight, knowing you've got your run in and don't have to tomorrow instead? You'll feel better after, I swear!"

Oh fine, subconscious. You win, again.

I'd decided to run in circles around our development (it's a perfect 1/2 mile loop), instead of going to the bike path. I really didn't feel like driving out to the path, and it didn't seem like the safest place to be in the early morning. Plus, I figured our paved road was probably the same amount of cushion as the bike path, anyway.

Though the sun was barely up, the humidity was so thick you could drink it. Ugh.

Round & round I go

Its a good thing I decided to stay close to home.  As I reached the house after my first loop, my stomach rebelled. Ruh-roh. Into the house I went for the first of four running trot stops. Arrrrrrg.

This goose knows what I'm talkin' about

But aside from the trots, it wasn't the worst run in the world. I had completely steeled myself to see an 8:00/mile pace and was floored when it said 7:34/min! The same as my run on the bike path 2 weeks ago! And my hip wasn't too bad, and hasn't really bothered me anymore today than yesterday. I need the Turtle to work on it some more, but his hands seem to be preoccupied with an X-Box controller lately (hmph!).

I'm going to try the indoor track again on Wed and back to the bike on Thurs. Speaking of the bike, when I got to the gym on Thurs, a nice little surprise was waiting for me....

Now that's badass


  1. WOw speedy McSpeederson! I'd give my left nut to see a pace like that again. Oh right, no nuts here....well maybe a pecan...

    1. Aw thank you, but I feel like a fraud with that speed since I have to stop for water (really just an excuse to catch my breath) every mile or two. I'm so worried about my next actual race! I feel all-washed up!