Monday, August 20, 2012

Back In The Groove (Knock on Wood!)

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm back in my groove after vacay. Of course, this definitely helped:

I was completely blown away when I saw my time after yesterday's run! I'd had two decent 9 milers on Monday and Wednesday last week, plus an 800 calorie-burn session at LA Fitness on the bike/eliptical (I'm branching out!) on Thursday.

Before Hawaii, I was really stressing out about how/what if a week off would set me back and unravel how far I've come. And with the USAF Half now less than a month away, I was concerned (beyond obsessing over it).

So, when my run on Monday wasn't the disaster I had worked up in my head, I got a little excited. But for yesterday's run to be this fast!!!! I couldn't be more ecstatic!......HURRAY!!!!!!! A happy dance was definitely had.

It helped that it was a mom-tourage run, too. True, due to some technical difficulties that included hypocondriac rantings and nearly flat bike tires, I ended up running 2/3 of it alone. Yes, I left my mom at the side of the road like a sack of potatoes when she couldn't keep up.

Now, before you snatch away my daughter of the year award, let me add that I knew it was because her tires were flat (and not her nonsense about heart attacks and old age). And if I hadn't left her, she never would have gotten her flirt on with 2 handsome park rangers who refilled her tires while I was gone. It was all a part of my plan I say!

And, the whole rest of the run I had to listen to her gushing about how easy it was and how she was barely pedaling....all while I was puffing away.

Just another day on the path!
Other than that, it was a super fun weekend filled with family, friends and the world's best cuddle muffin (Teddy the dog).

Isn't he delicious!

Big bro's birthday gifts from Moi, complete with newly painted graduation cap
I've been torturing the Turtle by peeling his sunburn all week. I can't be stopped.

I primed a canvas with gesso before I left, and now I'm ready to start work on a new painting that includes palm trees, silhouettes and running. Best. Painting. Idea. Ever!

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  1. I love that your mom bikes along with you. That's awesome!!! I am also SO jealous of how FAST! you are!