Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Almost 2 years have gone by since I moved away from Cleveland and my family, friends and beautiful puppy, and it still gets me. I'm going to blame this latest case of missing the family and my wonderful hometown on the Wednesday morning blues. I tend to be down in the dumps every Monday and Wednesday morning. These happen to be the days I run after work. Coincidence? I think not. I'd probably be in a super mood if I could get my run in first thing.

But, I'm digressing from the little pity party I've got going on here. My entire immediate family lives within a 1.5 mile radius of eachother. Which means, my brothers, sisters in-law, niece, nephew and mom are constantly dropping in on eachother. When I lived at home, I would often stop at my brother's house for a water stop during a run. In fact, this past weekend my brother and his kids ran to my mom's for just that purpose (my little monkeys are training for the WPAFB 10K!)

It's never too early to brainwash them on running!
my brothers, sis in-laws, neice and nephew

Anyway, it sucks. It's hard not to feel left out when you see facebook posts or email invites of everyone getting together, even just casually. I know they'd prefer me to be back home too, but it's hard to see life going on just fine without you.

I miss my friends.

 I miss running with my running buddy on the Towpath, instead of in circles all by myself.

RRB & Me
I miss lifting weight with mom at the Rec.

She's very enthusiastic

I miss curling up with my poopsie while I read a book on the couch.

He's attention-starved, can't you tell?

It doesn't help that I really just don't like Dayton. I miss having trees, diversity (everyone here has a pronounceable name!), different places to eat, Lake Erie. I suppose if I lived in Hawaii or Orlando, Fl, I might be singing a much different tune. Hehehe.

Huntington Beach, Lake Erie

BUT, all my wallowing aside, I wouldn't change it for anything. If I hadn't moved, I wouldn't be living with the love of my life (also a Cleveland transplant). And that, is definitely worth the move 3 times over. Alright, pity time is over. Ok, not really, but I won't bore you anymore. Friday is fast approaching, and it's uncanny how one's mood brightens as the weekend draws closer ;-)

Anyone else suffer from homesickness? How did you deal?


  1. Personally no but my sister is kind of in the same situation as you. She lived in California all of her life and married a man in the Navy. She now resides in South Carolina and we have no family out that way. She hates it and gets sad when she is left out of the Facebook posts and birthdays.

    1. Aww, poor thing. How long has she been out there?

  2. who says life is going on fine without you? it's just going on, but not necessarily fine. If & when we pop in on one another, we certainly always feel the empty void that needs to be filled with your craziness. It's not quite as much fun as it could be.

  3. Thats a tough one. I understand fully. We dealt with it by: making our own family, new friends, and flying home almost once a year (or driving when we should've flown). Home was this magical, golden place and we were the only ones who moved away - the outsiders I called us. What took us many years to understand, and a harsh lesson in some cases, was that it really is a two way street. It doesn't have to always be YOU doing the traveling; if theyre able, they can visit you too. Theres no guilt necessary just because you moved, and family and friends should respect your choice. In the meantime, remembering birthdays, calling, texting, emailing and visiting will keep family and friends from becoming strangers. Inevitably, some will - and it's okay.

  4. How cool to be able to make water stops at a family member's home! I love that! Looks like you have a really fun, supportive family. Of course you miss them. My mom and I used to work out together daily and she'd do the same thing (slack) as soon as I turned my back. haha!