Thursday, January 10, 2013

Open For Business!

I am so excited to announce that my Etsy Shop is open for business! The design is a little bare bones right now, but my paintings are there, shining bright! I'm actually in the process of having a logo designed for The Running Paintbrush brand, which I am beyond thrilled about! I'm starting to feel official!

The link to my site is

When you go to the site, you'll notice I haven't posted any of my Disney paintings, my pride and joys. The only reason is because all the Disney paintings I have done thus far, I have emailed pictures of to Disney in hopes they will eventually get around to noticing and demand I sign with them at once! However, I am always, always, always willing to take requests for Disney paintings if anyone is interested in their own custom-made Running Paintbrush Disney original :-)

And I want to thank everyone for all of the encouraging comments I have gotten from you on my paintings since I've been posting. They've done a lot to boost my confidence in my work and really encourage me to keep going! I can't wait to share more paintings with you as I keep 'em going!

....and I promise, this will be my one and only semi-sales pitch to you. I won't be that tupperware selling friend who guilts you into buying stuff (I apologize to all tupperware sellers!)


  1. I sure hope Disney recognizes your wonderful talent! You are a very talented artist!

  2. Nice that is cool! Hey if you want to advertise your site on my blog for a month for free shoot me an email!