Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Larry the Lion

Meet Larry. He's a lion. I was going to name this something more regal and pretty, but noooooooo, the Turtle had to walk by while I was working and say, "How's Larry?"


And that was that.

 It took my 2 hours to get the left side of Larry's mane perfect. I just could not get it right! And of course, I was sketching in a white hoodie. Or should I say, previously white hoodie. Time to stock up on some Oxi-Clean...

Almost could have just left him like this!
And now, introducing Larry.......

"Larry the Lion" A 24" x 30" acrylic original

It's been awhile since I've updated you on the running. I'm still putting in two 9 milers a week, and have increased my elipticalling to twice a week, instead of just once. It all started with an innocent little invite by my sister in-law to go elipt one Saturday morning in October....and I've been going every Saturday since. I'm so easily swayed. Plus, I love being able to work out in the morning, and I get to have that worked-out feeling all day Saturday. I love it!

I'm all signed up for the Air Force Half Marathon, hopefully they'll figure it out this year so I can stop running at 13.1! And I am soooo super excited that it is now offically less than a year to go to the Disney World Half Marathon! Wahoo! 2014 Half, yippeeeeee!


  1. I'm going to join you in your countdown for 2014...I am really hoping I can go for that one!!! :)

    1. Yay! 358 days to go and we'll be running in the Castle :-)

  2. Larry is fabulous! I'll bet they get that AF half spot on this year.
    On the cruise ship the ellipticals were always mobbed while the mills were vacant.