Monday, August 12, 2013

Halo Top Ice Cream Review

*Disclaimer: I am NOT being compensated for this review. I just love ice cream!*

Those who know me, know that I'm just a little obsessed with ice cream (just a smidge ;-) ). I have long gotten over my embarrassment of ordering 'Gotta Have It' sizes, or that my towering mound of fro-yo weighs a good 3x more than the Turtle's when we go to the pay-by-ounce places.

But, I'm also very calorie-conscious about what I eat. Quite the predicament...Until I discovered Halo Top Creamery's amazing low-fat ice cream. And it's been love at first bite ever since! Halo Top's pints ring in at a measly 280 calories a pint (70 calories per 1/2 cup serving, but really, who only has a 1/2 cup of ice cream ever?!). It's very creamy, like ice cream should be (ahem, Arctic Zero, you should be taking notes). Each flavor is very rich, so no need to worry that its just a whiff, like most low-fat ice creams. I prefer to eat my ice cream, not smell it! This stuff gives regular ice cream some stiff competition. In fact, the Lemon Cake flavor is so good, I'd pick it over a full fat ice cream any day!

Speaking of flavors, I'm perfectly happy having the vanilla all on its own, no toppings added. And I am not a plain vanilla girl. They also have chocolate and strawberry.  Hopefully, as the company grows, more tasty flavors will be created!

A very happy couple

Anyway, I take my love of ice cream very seriously, so I decided to share my love of Halo Top by painting their logo and sending it to them! I'm always looking for ways to get my work in front of more people, and why not also perk up the offices of my new favorite dessert makers? So, here's how I spent my Friday afternoon:

And finally.....

"Halo Top" - 10" x 10" original acrylic painting on canvas
Hopefully, they'll like it, and the painting will brighten their day, just as much as their ice cream brightens my evening snack time. So far, I've been able to find it at Earthfare, but you can check their site for a store close to you. I already handed in a product request form to Kroger so I don't have to drive 12 miles to get it! I highly recommend you go find some of this right now!

More paintings coming soon! I'm definitely keeping busy!


  1. Will have to find the lemon one for hubby!

  2. OK, I am going to have to try this!!!

  3. YUM this sounds amazing! Thanks for the review...I'm an ice cream fan, also! :0)

  4. Hahaha I love the disclaimer! Halo top is lucky to have you as a fan!

  5. I never heard of that brand, but I will watch out for it! Let us know what they think of your painting :)

  6. never heard of it but now I wanna try it. Like always, love your painting!

  7. Eating the WHOLE pint of chocolate Halo right this very minute and not feeling a bit guilty. LOVE this ice cream. Will never have to feel bda for havng ice cream ever again!

  8. I will have to look for this!!! I love love ice cream!!! If this one is low in calories and guilt free, I love it already lol! :)

    You did awesome with their logo by the way. :)