Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Conductor

Saturday we celebrated my brother's birthday and I gave him the present to end all presents...a painting of him conducting his students at Severance Hall!

Back story: My brother's life is music. He lives, sleeps and breathes it...and I think he'd eat it if he could find a way. He's made his love for it a career with teaching music at a local school and with private lessons, as well as directing marching band! He also plays trombone and guitar...and, naturally, could kick your ass at Rock Band.

Getting the opportunity to conduct his orchestra of students at Severance Hall is a huge deal. Severance Hall is the home of the world-reknowned Cleveland Orchestra, so for him to have the honor of conducting on that stage is epic.

It didn't occur to me to try an attempt at painting this moment for him until I saw the photos and thought it might be possible. I don't paint non-cartoon people that often, so I was a little nervous of doing a whole orchestra! But, the idea took shape and after doing my photo-shop magic to the pic, I broke it down into a picture I could actually paint. Here's the results:

1st, here is the original picture:

And here it is after I photo-shopped it:

And here is my work:

And finally.......

"The Conductor"
10" x 14" original acrylic painting on canvas board

I was a little nervous that you wouldn't know what the heck this was a painting of if you didn't know what it was to begin with. But he knew right away, before he'd taken it completely out of the wrapping. Success! Only problem now: I will never, ever be able to top this present for the rest of my life. He better get used to Amazon gift cards from now on!

Happy birthday!


  1. That's a sweet gift!!! :) That is very sweet of you!!! :) I'm sure your brother was super happy when he saw it.

  2. Coolest gift ever! I love that your bro lives his passion too! Awesomeness all around!

  3. What a wonderful gift! Great job on the painting :)

  4. lol, that is so awesome! and it turned out great, u should have never have doubted urself ; )

  5. Wow I love the painting! You're so talented. I love how you posted your progress too.