Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Running

It's been awhile since I've blogged about my running. This summer has been an awesome one for my running. I've been really similar to last summer, and hitting some fantastic average paces, like 7:14s!With our frequent trips up to Cleveland, I've gotten the chance to do a lot more mom-tourages and trail runs with RRB than normal, which was a great change of pace. It's always nice to have someone to talk to and to get outside!

I've also been getting up at 4am on Thursdays for ElliptiThursday (as GymJim and I call it). Getting my ellipticalling in before the sweatbox heats up to its toasty 100 degrees has been awesome. I get my elliptical next to the fan and have my whole day ahead of me when I'm done. Honestly, going in to work at 12 has made me feel like I'm on  vacation on Thursdays, its great! And, getting to watch Good Morning America while I crunch is the best treat ever. I mean, I love me some Katie Couric at my usual crunching time, but GMA is sooooo much better!

I'm gearing up for my fall races that are coming up: the Air Force Half Marathon in September (here's hoping I only do 13.1 this year!!!) and the final race in the Towpath Trilogy, the Towpath Half Marathon in October (just 3 weeks after the Air Force!). And of course, The WDW Half in January...wooooot! I couldn't convince the Turtle to run that one with me this year, so I'll have to amuse myself with my pre-race slap happiness at 3am that day!

Here's some highlights from the summer so far...

Closed road? What closed road?

My post-race happy dance after hitting 7:14 avg pace

Post race giddiness

A well-deserved coconut popsicle

Torturing my Teddy Bear


  1. Looks like an awesome summer! Cannot believe it is slipping away already. Yay for WDW and your fall races though. Cool weather is always nice when it comes to running. :)

  2. Oh how I've missed running this summer! For some reason I always loved seeing the sweat bead up on my arms and glisten underneath the rays of that summer sun love.

  3. p.s. way to go on your time! That's amazing!!

  4. Good luck on the Air Force Half! It's sooo soon! MY husband is running the half too! :) I will be there cheering for him! I hope I see you!!! :)

  5. Crack of dawn Thursday morning ellipticizing RULES (even though I wanna kill someone at that hour)!! Thanks for a wonderful summer of getting fit!!

  6. I can't stand running in the summer, so I can't wait for it to cool down at least a little! Good luck with your races in the fall.