Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring Eli Home Auction

If you're like me and get your news from E! and TMZ, you might not have heard the story of a little boy from Akron, Ohio who was abducted by his father to Turkey (read Eli's story) . His mother, Sarah Edwards, has been fighting hard to bring him back home. On Nov. 5th, there will be a Benefit Art Auction held in Akron to raise money for her efforts. A friend of mine asked me Monday if I would like to donate a painting for the auction. I immediately said yes!

Then I realized one small, teensy little detail. I'd have to pick one! Just a minor detail for an artist trying to make it big. Suddenly, each and every one of them seemed too precious to part with. What if Disney finally finds my email and comes calling for one of them? What if an empty wall sprouts up and I have a place to hang them? How can I part with my Little Mermaid piece which resulted in a pink TV remote (Nick really under appreciates its beauty).

I started attaching sentiment to all of my canvas babies...Hmmm, this is starting to sound like my failed attempts to donate stuffed animals as a kid. Now I completely understand why Wyland (my favorite painter) asks interview questions to prospective purchasers! It's not to see if they can afford his steep prices, no no no! It's to make sure they're going to a good home!

After flat out shooting down my mom's suggestion of just painting a new one (I have no time, I whined), I raced to Michael's like a bat out of hell, and bought a new canvas. In what has got to be a personal record, I completed 3/4 of a painting in 1 evening of Dancing With The Stars, finishing the last bit last night.

So much for being able to see the black paint thru the colors

All in 1 episode of Dancing With The Stars


I was so impressed by my own speed, that I started another painting for the auction last night while this one was drying! I don't know what's come over me! Now all I need to do if come up with a name for the piece, I'm thinking Hawaiian Night?

And of course, all of this is for a good cause. Hopefully my painting will make a difference in bringing Eli home!


  1. Wow, I can't believe you did that in a few hours! That's incredible!

  2. How about 'Hawaiian Sunset'? Hawaiian Evening?
    Tropical Evening? Evening in the Tropics? .........