Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The End is in Sight

I haven’t run in 18 days (cue the gasps of horror and outrage)!!! Which means, I have been clinically insane for just as many. But my insanity ends this Saturday...and the OCD returns!

This is all your fault groin!

That’s right, while my friends (Jeff and Morgan) are competing in the Towpath Half Marathon on Sunday, I will be participating in my own, personal race on the Towpath the day before. I will be running for the first time in 3 weeks (unless you count running to my car in the monsoon last week.).

I’m so excited at the thought of finally running again! It feels like Christmas! And it kind of will be because the low for Saturday is 57, which means 47 at the towpath (I think 3 weeks of sweating in the gym’s sauna-like temperatures have spoiled me).

I haven’t felt any pain at all in the last week, which is great and I’m feeling positive that I’ll feel good for the whole 9 miles. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself for pace (ha!), and though I will wear my Garmin (just to keep my wrist warm, naturally) I swear I won't look at it during the run...much.

George, amidst my collection of sweat rags

I can’t wait to just get back to normal and actually deserve my title of ‘runner girl’ given to me by all the gym rats on base. And the old men who do Sudoku and clean under their fingernails while they bike will be celebrating that I won’t be showing them up anymore (more likely they’ll  just be happy that another bike will be available for their geriatric, crossword-puzzling friends). Hopefully, it won’t take me long to get back to my usual 7:35-7:38/mile training pace. I need to get back to it so I can fly like Tinkerbell through the Disney World Half Marathon this January!

Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2010, lets hope 2012 is warmer!


  1. I love that photo from the WDW half. The sweatshirt just makes it 110%. :)

  2. I JUST found your blog!! I am your newest follower :D

    Disney + running??? Perfect. I love both of those things too!

    Yay for getting runner girl status back!

  3. I DEFINITLY know how frustrating injuries are! My whole family is probably dying for me to get better so I'm not such a grump. Hope you have a great run this weekend!