Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Trees & Running Buddies

I've been so consumed with trees for the painting I was commissioned for this week, that I've completely tapped out all of my usual wit and charm (ha) for a blog. Honestly, blogging has been the last thing on my mind and the only reason I'm writing this is so you all don't think I hopped on the crazy train after my 90+ laps on the gym track.

My fellow rats
Ever since I got the request for this painting, happy trees are all I can think about. I've youtubed all kinds of tree painting videos and watched them over and over. I've practiced painting trees, I've painted trees on my elbows (oops), and finally, I got up the courage and started the actual painting. I will be soooo happy when I finish this thing. Why oh why did my first commissioned painting have to be of a far-away picture full of trees! I hate trees! Ah well, its forcing me to learn them so that's a plus.

Anyway, before I lost my mind to Bob Ross, I painted a duplicate of "Savannah Sunset" (yes mom, I changed the name just for you). A friend had mentioned they were interested in buying it, and since the original is going to the auction, I made another one. Painting a duplicate, particularly right after painting the original is kind of a pain. Its like, been there, done that, time to make something new. But I think it turned out pretty good. One day when I'm famous, I'll be able to have copies made of my paintings made straight to canvas...just like Disney does.

This one is a bit more sunsetty...put them together and it kind of looks like a time lapse photo of the sunset!

The one on the left is the duplicate
And this Saturday, I get to run with my running buddy from back home for the first time since April! Seems I'm not the only one having an injury-filled year. I can't wait! Before I moved away, he was my personal Dr. Phil, surrogate father and insanity enabler. He's dragged me through swampy trails, run with me through fire alarms (if its a real fire they'd tell us to leave) and even let me get mascara all over his shirt when I had sweat in my eyes. Even now, when I have an awesome (or crappy) run, I call him to dissect it.  Though it will probably be an indoor run of rat circles, I can't wait!

Headlamps are the new black

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  1. You changed the name. You changed the name! I am so flattered!