Monday, October 17, 2011

Sangria, Sweaters and Ice

Everyone have a nice weekend? I adore my 3 days off from working out. Doing a 2 in-a-row at the gym for Wed. and Thurs. is rough, but it is so worth it when Friday after work I can simply go home. Priceless. However, those who know me know I never truly take a day off from working out. Besides my endless amount of crunches, pushups and weights at the gym on workout days, every morning I do 75-100 ab rolls on my ab wheel (After breaking my 7th Ab Roller, I’ve switched to the Ab Wheel. So much better!). And on my non-running days (or lately, non-biking days) I do 5 minutes of the hula.

That’s right. I do the hula. It’s completely embarrassing and I forbid anyone from watching my hip-swiveling display (well, except the neighbors up at 6 am because I hardly ever shut the drapes. I have no shame with strangers).

With my collection of broken ab rollers

I'm fairly certain I can't break this one

TMI, I know! Anyway, it was a nice weekend full of new sweaters, Sangria (practice for the Hoop Dee Doo Review in Disney this January), and some painting. I even squeezed in a nice 3 mile walk into hurricane winds on base and some icing of my hip/thigh. I feel some definite improvements!

So worth dismantling the mannequin for!

After reading up on hip flexor strains (thanks, Morgan!), I am fairly certain that that is my problem. The good news is I only have the Level 1 severity. I’m frustrated that I’m still a little sore from last week (only a little though!), but I’m really hoping that its just because I tried to do too much, too soon, too fast. 

So, even though I feel well enough that I could probably do all 9 miles today, I’m going to play it smart and ride the bike. It kills me because it’s so gorgeous out and probably the last semi-warm day of the season. But, I’d rather not set myself back anymore and just get this over with. I may try to run at a slooow pace on the gym’s indoor track Wed. or Thurs.

I think my return to running is going to be a lot more gradual than I had anticipated. Maybe 1 slow-paced 9 miler with 2 bike days a week, then increase from there. I’m afraid of ultimately losing my super-fairy speed, but try to keep thinking that I’d rather be able to run period, than not run at all. And my 7:28/mi pace after 3 weeks off gives me some hope.


  1. Holy broken ab rollers Batman! I think you should return them.
    I hope your workout plan keeps your hip flexor happy and I think your super-fairy speed will stay with you for years to come.

  2. I don't think you have to worry about your speed either! It's just gonna take a little time. Heal your body back to 100% and then you will be back before you know it!

  3. Good plan to take it slow! The goal is to keep running, so taking it easy now will benefit you later. You're super fast too, so I wouldn't worry!