Monday, March 5, 2012

Bella Notte

I started work on my brother and sister in-law's house warming painting right after Christmas. Hours of stippling, several painted hoodie sleeves and one white-splotched eyebrow later..... here is 'Bella Notte'

Sketched out before leaving for Disney in January

I love my bridge... I cannot stress enough... I seriously love my bridge

There were many redos to get the water just right

 And finally, the finished product!

Full View - 16" x 40"

Right half

Left half

The stars of the piece: Lady & The Tramp

Though I didn't take a pic, I did add a solid gray stone to the bottom of the bridge, to help Lady & the Tramp to stand out more.

I think it was a success! They already hung it up!

Prepping the spot

Happy in its new home