Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun with Tape

Who knew tape could be so much fun?! But before the tape, an update on running. Ever since I got back from Disney, I have had completely kick-ass, rock star 9 milers. Twice a week, every week since we've been back I've whipped around the track like I'm flying. They've felt amazing and I've been actually had fun running inside. But of course, because its warming up and outdoor running season is about to hip sayfs Nay. I've run outside twice recently, and both times my hip was not happy. It still wants to hibernate on the track. The last run outside I did 2 weeks ago really pissed it off and its been letting me know it ever since. Top it off with a run in counter clockwise on the track today, and I think its back to the bike for awhile....just in time for 75 degrees this week. Ah well. For every good spell there's always a bad one.

On to the tape. Here's my latest. The next one I'm working on is going to take awhhhhile, so it might be awhile before another painting update. Here is UltraViolet Light

Tape outline

Let the tape peeling begin!
touching up with white paint after peeling the tape off    

And finally....

"UltraViolet Light"    18" x 24"


  1. The ultraviolet light is lovely-- almost has a tropical feel to it.

    I like how you seem so route with your running, you love those 9 milers!

  2. Very cool painting! Tell that ornery hip spring is almost here--time to behave.

  3. A-ma-zing; the blues in this are awesome!