Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanna Get Hiiiiigh?

Ah the Runner's High. I tell people all the time that I run to be done. It doesn't matter if the umpteenth person cut me off that day (very common in this odd little town), I found a gigantic zit in an unreachable spot or I only got one hour of sleep because my next door neighbor, the Elephant, spent the night body-slamming the wall we share (you think I'm kidding).

None of that matters, because somewhere around halfway thru my run..the buzz begins. My usual pre-run crankiness is magically gone, replaced with a euphoria that only running 84 laps or circling the block 7 times could produce. I swear flowers start sprouting out of my ass and happy, cuddly forest animals hop alongside me. I have a sudden urge to talk to anyone and everyone. No contact in my phone is safe on my giddy drive home from the gym. I happily wave at the soccer mom who pulls her caravan out right in front of my path as I cheerily sing along to Britney or Rhianna (no weepy Adele for this drive home...ok, or ever..but I digress).

Some may scoff that The Runner's High does not exist.... To that, I present Exhibits A, B, C and D


Towpath Half Marathon 2008

Becoming human fly paper on a summer night run

PRing: Biggest High EVER


  1. Ah that last photo is what running is all about! That sense of accomplishment that you can do stuff that you never thought was possible....

    I agree, the feeling from running is like nothing else I've found in life.

  2. that's an awesome finisher photo! I'm always looking down at the ground - but if I ran a 1:33, I'd probably be smiling from ear to ear! you're fast girl!

    runners high = awesome!

  3. So you can't crush it, roll it, smoke it? Ha! Interesting concept! I get it! It happens to me sometimes, like today, when my poor animals had to listen to me sing when I got home from the gym. You're a very positive influence!