Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Into the Oven

After a sweltering run last summer
So, despite better judgement, I ran 9 miles yesterday.

It wasn't pleasant. Oh where do I begin...
I knew they'd do PT Testing on the outdoor track, so at least for starters I'd have to run inside. But, how hot could it really be in there? They have a fan blowing on the track at each turn and halfway down each side. Sure, I'll start my run up there, but since I'll already be there, I'll just do the whole thing. It can't be that hot.
Holy crap. As I climbed up the sweltering staircase, I told myself it would get better once I got upstairs. It just feels like 8,000 degrees because the staircase is enclosed, that's it. I opened the door to get on the track and....
nope, still hotter than an oven. Well once I get going on the track and the fans are blowing and I'm making my own breeze, it'll be just fine.


I was stopping every 5-8 laps. First, after 8, then after 6, then every 5. No sooner had I drunken water (warm of course) from the fountain, my mouth dried right back up. My usual go-to cool down method of dunking my head under the water fountain was also foiled by the warm temperature of the sickly water (not that I didn't try). Every step felt like a lifetime. And the idiots had forgotten to change the direction of the track, so it was counter-clockwise again! Curses, you bloody bastards! My hip will not be sending you a Christmas card!

When I thought I could go on no more, I looked out the window and saw the beautiful, wonderful sea of yellow and green PT vests returning from testing. Faster than you can say 'I'm out!' my scrap of a t-shirt was off and I was on the outdoor track.

What's that wonderful thing I feel? Oh, is that wind? I love you wind!

I finished up the remaining 6 miles, and went back to the 95 degree gym (I'm not kidding, that's what the thermometer said) to do weights.

The hip hurt throughout and was hampering my speed. So I think I'm going to have to stick to the bike for the next week or 2 so I can once again, nip this stupid thing in the bud....until the next time.

My scenic view from the bike
Which leads me to my dilemma. The gym was 95 degrees. And that was only when it was 81 outside. I cannot keep riding the recumbent bike at the gym if it gets any hotter. So what to do. I knew this day was coming, I just didn't think it would come this early! Luckily, if I can sweat it out Wednesday and Thursday, the temps should be in the more reasonable 60s range next week. But what to do this summer?

After failing to convince the Turtle to buy me my own recumbent bike..
"There's no room!" he scoffs
"We don't need a kitchen table!!" I reasoned.

We decided that I will get a by-the-month membership to LA Fitness for the summer. Its right by the house (and conveniently right next to Target), and I'm hoping it'll be a place where they won't make me honor any '30 minute per cardio machine' rule. It's also the same gym that Dave Chappell works out at (or at least smokes outside of and than goes in to bs with friends), so that's a plus. I'll have to take a tour and make sure it fits my needs.

But I'm torn. I'm going to miss all of my seniors at the gym. My posse of septuagenarians has grown quite large, and I will miss them all (and no, GymJim, I am not referring to you as one of these AARP members, so don't get huffy)! So I think I'm still going to do weights at the gym, just so I can keep up with their shenanigans and keep them in line...Oh ok fine. Because I hate change, particularly when it comes to changing my ab machines. Its only for the summer, afterall.. and hopefully I'll heal up and will only have to use LA for my once a week bike and no more. And hopefully, summer will go away until mid-June, where it belongs!


  1. LMAO! Awww - who will I bother now? I'll just QUIT!

  2. WOW. How can a gym be so HOT?!?! That is crazy!! At least you have other options though. Hope you heal up fast!