Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter: The Sequel

This past Friday it was time to pack up Roberto (my beautiful, be-stickered car) and headed up to Cleveland for Easter II (Turtle's Easter).

Which means..............drum roll please........another run with RRB on the tow path! Wahoo! So much for easing back with one 9 miler a week. Ha! With last Saturday, a very speedy 9 at the gym Wed., and now this, that makes for a very foolish 27 miles in one week. What's that? A&E wants to talk to me for Intervention? What? Why? Heh heh.....

We meet again

This Saturday, it was a much warmer 45 degrees as I patiently waited for RRB to show up for our run......

We decided to take it easy and not go at our usual break neck speed. And thanks to the more relaxed pace, my hip hardly bothered me at all. I didn't even notice it until the very end, and even then, it wasn't a gait-effecting hurt.

And better yet, I found $5 on the trail! And since there's really no way of figuring out who it belonged to, I stuffed it in my pocket. And then I kept expecting John Quinones to pop out with his What Would You Do? camera crew and ask me why I took the money instead of tracking down its owner. But I got over my guilty conscience as I happily munched on my free Chicken Teriyaki sub for dinner. See, running pays.

That's roughly $.56 per mile

Aside from running, it was a crazy whirlwind weekend that I feel I need another weekend to recover from. I am in serious need of a major sleep marathon. Hopefully, this weekend I'll be able to catch up on some Zzzzs and work on my paintings!

Oddly, I found sleeping in difficult this weekend


  1. I'm so glad your hip behaved and woot for the $5 score!

  2. Hi there sweet... :)

    You made me laugh real hard with your A&E anecdote....LOL

    sounds like you had a lot of fun, and free money? Loving it...


  3. Glad you were able to run so much...and free money is always a good thing!

  4. I'd have taken that $5 and blown it on a Ratt

    1. Now now, I'm it wouldn't cost that much!

    2. It was a one Twisted Sister and get U2's whole collection free. ;)

  5. No wonder you can't sleep, there's a giant fluff ball squishing you ;)