Friday, November 2, 2012

Disney October 2012

Why can't I just live here forever? Come on Disney, wake up and hire me as an artist already! You'd get all of my salary back anyway with all of the merchandise I'd buy!

Like this hoodie I sooooooo needed

We had a fantastic time on our exteneded weekend trip.

We met Sandy, when she was much calmer:
Flying above her
Getting poured on in Epcot

We ate:

They really need to work on portion sizes- this was way too small!
More peanut butter sauce, please!
And ate.....

Should've had more dinner
And we rode and rode and rode rides:

Space Mt.
Duped my friend into riding Thunder Mt.
Breaking rides!

And we even got a sneak peak at the New Fantasyland! Awesome!

Entrance to Ariel's Grotto

It was a fantastic trip and I'm already dreaming of the 2014 Disney Half when I can go back!


  1. Wow you make disney look like lots of fun! I have never been but I have been to the land in california...I hear it is different, but was still fun!

  2. Disney would be foolish not to hire you. You're a natural! Glad you enjoyed!