Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Camo-Rose

To tide you over while I finish up my new Cinderella piece, here's my entry for the Postcards From the Edge Auction. I sketched and painted this all in one day the weekend after I got home from Disney. Since I was beyond anxious to get all of my contest and auction pieces done so I could start work on new Disney stuff, I wanted to pick something that I could do relatively quickly. That 4" x 6" size requirement has its advantages!

Here is "The Camo-Rose":

And finally.....

"The Camo-Rose" - 4" x 6" Acyrlic

It's nothing epic, but I think it's pretty nice. Cinderella is coming along nicely, hoping to finish it this weekend!


  1. That is pretty awesome that it only took you a day...very cool!

  2. beautiful! you are so talented!

  3. That actually reminds me of an almost stained glass take on Belle's rose! Just sayin'....I think the Disney bug is still there. ;)

  4. BEAUTIFUL and my middle name is Rose so it's extra special to me :)