Thursday, November 8, 2012

Live Running Soundtrack

It's been awhile since I've caught you up on my running. Before Disney, I had my usual pre-vacation freak out that I would lose some of my speed/gain weight over the trip. This was followed by my usual post-first-run-after-vacation freak out (which inevitably sucks) that I've lost my speed and will never get back to where I was. Hi, my name is Tink, and I am insane.

Disney's Boardwalk Inn's hotel gym

I managed to get to the gym 2 mornings of our vacation for an hour bike ride each (not to mention oodles of crunches throughout the trip). Not that I needed it with all the walking we did each day, but it really pumped up my mood and made me feel like less of lazy bum when I was wolfing down peanut butter sundaes for dinner.

Watching Hurricane Sandy coverage on the morning news
My first run post-vacation wasn't bad, but wasn't great, either. And of course, I wouldn't allow myself to use vacation fatigue or the fact that we got home from the airport at 8:30pm the night before or that I had gotten up and gone to work before the run be an excuse. And the panic began.

But, this week I've had 2 awesome 9 milers! And yesterday, the high school orchestra was practicing Sousa marches while I ran! It's not every day you have a live orchestra accompanying your run!

At one point, some of the trombones were playing from the track too!

I've been working some extra hours this week, so not much painting getting done. I can't wait til the weekend when I can work more on my latest!


  1. I am Ed and I am insane too...didn't know we had a club huh? Care to join? lol

    way to get a work out in with a busy schedual, not an easy thing to do...cant wait to see your latest and greatest

  2. Hi, my name is Chelle, and I too have running freakouts. I'm in the club!

    I love that you heard the band playing (former marching band nerd here, flag line represent!) while you were running. That's so fun!

  3. Never heard a HS band play "Superfreak"!! LOL

  4. Isn't it funny how we all think our fitness will go to hell the minute we skip a workout? I'm cruising later this year and already worrying how I'll get my run on.

    1. Ooh, fun! Have you looked into if your ship has a gym? I bet they do, most even have tracks!