Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Recap

Gobble gobble everyone!

Hanging with Mr. Turkey before the Turkey Trot

I'm sure all of your Thanksgivings were merry and bright..err.. wrong holiday... Well, you get my drift.

Wed. night Turtle, I and his sister piled in the car and made our trek home to Cleveland, with our usual Subway stop on the way. As we went,  I got a message from a runner friend telling me there was a good chance I'd place if I ran the Turkey Trot the next day.

Don't have to tell me twice!

I spent the remainder of the trip plotting and scheming ways I could fit this in the schedule (and find someone to go with me because I am not parking downtown by myself and what fun is a race all alone?)

Going thru my short list of potential candidates (in order of most likely to go) I was quickly at 2 strikes. Then,  I went in for brother #2. I pulled out allllll the stops. There were pouty faces (facetime is very handy for this), whining, pleading, guilting and the kicker: bonding time. Shockingly, he said yes! I whooped and promptly hung up to hydrate and scrounge up an outfit from what clothes I still have at my mom's.

Such a good brother!

The Turkey Trot had perfect weather, with sunny skies, little wind and about 45 degrees at gun time. The race went by really quickly, and I gotta say, it was really nice not having to do 8 more miles when I got to the finish line at mile 5! I could get used to that......

Done already?! Awesome!

Since it was only a 5 mile race, my usual going out too fast habit never turned off. I ended up sprinting the whole race! With an average pace of 6:48, my finishing time was 34:00:02!!!!

I was completely floored! I had told my brother to start watching out for me between 35-40 minutes, closer to the 35, but I had not at all expected to finish even in 35 minute at all. I was completely floored when I got in under that!

I ended up coming in 7th in my division, which I was a little dissappointed about. But then I thought about how well I did and got over it (it also helped that it wasn't even close since the top 3 in my division came in a good 2-3 minutes before me).

I think they need to restock

The rest of the holiday weekend was great. I did 2 more morning runs (a 5 and 7 mile).  I did some serious damage to Michael's canvas stock, completely looting them of their 18" x 24" canvases.

And I had a great time hanging out with friends and family. I can't wait til Christmas when we can do it all again!

A rare moment of my siblings and I with our spouses all together in the same place!


  1. What a great way to spend the holidays...running and stocking up on supplies! By the way...7th is awesome! Good job (you must be one of those who finish in the top all the time ;)

  2. Holy crap lady, you are a speed demon! Also, that pic of you and your siblings is gorgeous - you look like Tink in it!!!

  3. Very nice run! Isn't it a great feeling when you exceed your goals? Congratulations!

  4. Awesome speedy run no matter how you placed. Very beautiful family! Glad you enjoyed. Can't wait to see what comes to life on those canvases.

  5. wow! great pace! Speedy people there in Cleveland I guess! You should be very proud of that race - amazing!

  6. nice work on a speedy 5 miler!!! congrats!