Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Winter

I am going to shock all of you by saying that I am not sick of snow, or horrified that GASP it's snowing in Spring (like it does almost every year in the MidWest, I don't know why everyone's acting so surprised this year).

Maybe its because I'm still loving cuddling up under my blanket mountain with a good book. Or that I run indoors all year round so weather doesn't make that much of a difference.

Teddy enjoys the benefits of the blanket mountain too.

Ooooor maybe because I dread having to go back to the land of steroid-filled frat boys at LA Fitness over the summer when the WPAFB Sweat Box gets too hot for me to elliptical without dying.

Either way, as long as the snow stays on the grass where it belongs, I'm ok with it sticking around a little more!  Here's some pretty pics I took driving to the gym on Base.

How's the weather treating you? Anyone else still happy its winter?


  1. Pretty! I'm ready for warm weather for sure, but mostly so everyone else will stop complaining. LOL I'm with you - why are we always so surprised that it's snowing when it's cold, etc??

  2. Is that WPAFB? I pass by there most of the time on my way to a good Vietnamese restaurant - Lihn's Bistro. :)
    I love winter and snow especially when I can go snowboarding but since the Ski resort that I go to is close, I'm wishing for warmer days so I can start doing my runs outdoors.

    1. Yes it is. My husband works on base so I get to use the gym for free. We LOVE Lihn's! We go there all the time for pho.

    2. Nice! That's awesome!
      We love their Pho and Spring Rolls. :)
      Did you sign up for the Air Force Marathon? I hear so many good feedbacks about that race and they sell out fast.

    3. Yeah, I signed up for the Half. This will be my 5th year running it. It's great, though with the mixup last year I ended up running 2 extra miles! You should sign up, before the price increase in April

  3. Holy snow...we are lucky as it was spring all weekend! (I had a long weekend which included Monday). I love being under a mountain of blankets too...i just open all the windows and let the house get cold!

  4. It is crazy how the snow is still hitting everyone!

  5. Beautiful! Send some my way!! :0)