Friday, March 22, 2013

The Science of a Playlist

Music is a huge part of my workouts. If my iPod battery dies or my headphones go on the fritz, I am a wreck! Countless laps on the track are even more boring when you only have the sounds of your breathing and random powerwalkers belting out showtunes to provide the soundtrack to your run.

no music on Mom-tourage runs..We chat (and get slap happy) the whole time

But since I run and do the eliptical, I have 2 different playlists for each workout. For my runs, I need really fast-paced songs. Lately, I've just been tuning my pod to the 'Pop' Genre and hitting the skip button manically so I only get the fast wonder I go thru iPod wheels like water. And, when I say pop...I'm talking serious, bubble-gum and unicorns pop!
Some of the songs on heavy rotation for  my runs are:

- "Superhero" - Cher Lloyd
- "Supernatural" - Ke$ha
- "Friday Night" - Lily Allen
- "Silence" - Aly & AJ
- "You and I" - Medina

For the elipitcal workouts, I don't need songs to be quite as fast and usually listen to whatever new music I've recently added to my pod while I'm on there. It still has to be fast, but not as much as my runnings songs. Some examples of what I've been listening to lately:

- "Marilyn Monroe" - Nicki Minaj
- "Our Song" - Matchbox Twenty
- "Now" - Matt & Kim
- "Kill Everybody" - Skrillex
- "E V A Y" - Shiny Toy Guns

Of course, all of these are different from my race playlist which is a super hi-bred masterpiece that I have carefully crafted over the years. When I hear a new song, I know instantly if I want it as a race song....and then pretty much refuse to let myself listen to it any other time so it doesn't lose its epic-ness.  I'm excited to try racing to some new songs I've recently added

- "Up in the Air" - 30 Seconds to Mars (oh, how I love thee)
- "My Signature Move" - Pink

What about you? Is there any one song you absolutely love to run or work out to? Do you listen to different music for different types of workouts?


  1. YES - I must must must have fast paced music while I run. My current favorites - Gangnum Style, a bunch of Glee stuff, Party Rock Anthem, Starships (Minaj) We Found Love (Rihanna), Thrift Shop (cause I laugh), Good time, and that new and Britney Spears song. Music is a must!

    1. I do Starships too, love that song!

  2. I am big on workout playlists! I always make a new playlist right before a race. I try to think of what will inspire me and fits whatever mood I'm or want to be in. If its a trail race, I do more country songs, but if its a 5k I pick light happy songs, and then for the longer distances I dig down deep for stuff that is going to make me push the limits.

    I always include a few slow songs which helps me relax my muscles and not get too tense.

    1. That sounds like a good plan. I have a few slower songs that really help me get into a groove. Playlists are so fun to make!

  3. Nice playlist Tink! I like songs that I know the lyrics to so I can sing while running. :) I am not into techno songs.

    By the way, I nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Check it here -->

    1. Thanks Ja, I appreciate it! Now time to think of stuff to write!

  4. Hard, heavy, fast, loud with soft and inspirational thrown in as long as I like the movement or lyrics. My all-time favorite song and played EVERY workout is Steve Vai's "For the Love of God":