Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am so beyond excited! I sold my first painting! Visions of gallery signings and art paparrazi (are there such things? there should be!) have been dancing in my head. I sent the giraffes on their merry way to North Carolina yesterday and now, dun dun dun....this means a third giraffe painting is in my future. I had no idea giraffes were so popular!

Maybe I'll paint him next

I'm still toiling away on the landscape cabin picture for the girl at work. I love trees now! I've swapped my hatred for trees to hatred for cabins. Trees are just fabulous now that I'm really good at them! I'll show you guys my work on the painting when its completely done. Hopefully, by this weekend, but that will depend on my sanity.

I had an awesome weekend. I ran 9 miles with Frank at the rec. It might have been 10 since I had to count on my fingers. The rec no longer lets you borrow lap counters, but they are available for $10 at the front desk (a string of obscenties followed learning this news). We followed up our rat circles with a nice long dip in the hot tub. Ahhhhhhh...

Saturday night, Tony Stark and his doll went to a Halloween party (party shmarty, I just wanted to do the makeup!) And Sunday, after some wedding dress hi-jinx (I couldn't resist) we made the long trek back to Dayton, stopping in Akron to drop off my 2 paintings for the auction.

And they say you'll never wear it again

The base is practicing security drills all this week, which makes going to the gym tricky. Will the gate be open or won't it? My Type A schedule does not appreciate this disruption. It took me the entire 30 min drive home from work on Monday to reset my brain from bike mode to 9 mile outdoor run mode. I ran my 9 on Monday, 7:46/mi avg pace. I think I might be coming to terms with my new regular pace of 7:35 - 7:50/mi average. Gone are the 7:20/mi runs of my single days. And right now, I think I'm ok with that. I just want to  be able to run (and now my actual hip hurts!). And sub 8s aren't too shabby.

Anyone else having a disgustingly injury-filled year?


  1. hello? yes, right here...injury filled year...nice to meet you! Hope your hip feels better soon - have you gone to see anyone about it. Congrats on selling your painting - that's super exciting!

    And yes, sub 8's...not too shabby at all!

  2. My achilles is still bothering me and it can really hinder your performance. This is the first year that I actually felt any type of injury! Congratulations on selling your first painting! Your work is awesome!

  3. Thank you guys! And of course I haven't seen anyone for my injuries, I don't want someone of authority to tell me not to run!

  4. Tink thanks for your input on Tappan's achilles...seems like it's a preTTY common injury unfortunately.

    I love getting in the hot tub at the gym after a really good swim, it's so relaxing. I like letting the jets massage my sore back!

    Congrats on selling your first paining, nice work. Annnd you're super speedy by the way.

  5. How much do I love that pic of you in the dress? Fabulous.
    Congrats on the art sale! Here's to many more ahead.
    Hope your hip behaves!