Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things That Go Bump in the Night (And Day)

I am a fraidy cat. When I lived with my mom, if she went away on a trip with the dog, I would either sleep on my brother's couch or I would pull my car into the driveway, drag out my pillow and sleeping bag and sleep in the backseat rather than spend the night alone in my house. I was more afraid of ghosts and Michael Myers than actual people. Robbers and rapists are nothing compared to the supernatural, in my mind!

Car, bedroom, lunchroom..Dante has done it all

Yesterday afternoon, I came home to do my crunches before heading to run at the gym. I was in the middle of a set when I heard a shuffling/falling noise upstairs. I paused The Final Days of WWII on History Channel and froze. No more sound. Ok, I thought, it was probably just my pants falling off the bathroom counter or some clothes falling in the closet. I wasn't happy, but dammit, I had crunches to do! So, I grabbed my cell and plopped it next to me on the floor and continued crunching.

Crunching on a noise-less day
When I got back from the gym, I went upstairs sure I would find my pants on the floor. But they were still on the counter where I'd flung them! I inspected the rest of the upstairs and found nothing amiss. Hmmm...

Last night, my newly MBA-ed husband decided to celebrate with a friend at trivia night at the Fox & Hound, and as I was already pj-ed and squirreled under a blanket watching E! News with a Skinny Cow (Yum!), I stayed put. An hour later, I heard the noise again! Only this time it was a bit louder and longer.

My wonderful Sam's Club blanket in quieter times

As soon as I heard it, I immediately kicked off  my slippers, grabbed my key and ran out the door. Oh the benefits of having your sister in-law living next door! I charged into her place, clutching my house slippers, and planted myself on her couch under her Sam's blanket (you really ought to get one, they're amazing).

I have no idea what's making the noise. We checked out the upstairs again when he came home and again found nothing. I wish I knew what it was...or maybe I don't want to know. Ok, let me rephrase, I wish it would stop!

In other news, I ran 6 miles on Monday (PT Testing interrupted my run, otherwise I would have done all 9) and much to my delight, I had an awesome 9 mile run yesterday! I don't think I lost any speed in these past 2 weeks either, because I passed a few runners I know run my pace. Yay! The hip isn't perfect, but nothing like it was on Halloween, and the pain fades away as I run.

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  1. Glad your hip is getting better! I always let my imagination go wile when I am home alone and hear strange noises. Nice having your SIL next door where you can take cover!