Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Almost Race Time!

Sunday's Towpath Half Marathon is quickly approaching....and the frequency of my obsessive forecast checks have increased just as fast.

Definitely not the greatest outlook and I'm starting to get nervous that rain/cold could hamper my speed. Grrrrrrrr. And of course, the great debate of short sleeves with arm socks or long-sleeve T has already begun (ok, I've been mulling this over for 2 weeks already)

Had a FANTASTIC mom-tourage run on Sunday on the Towpath to prep, and I was visualizing it being the race the whole time. Clocked in 9.11 miles at a 7:15 pace, wahoo!

Couple other tidbits:

1. New Songs on the Playlist
       - "Is This Thing On?" - Pink
       - "Feel Again" - OneRepublic
       - "Say Red" - Blaqk Audio
       - "Hide & Seek" (Fishfood Techno Mix) - Imogen Heap
       - "Devil Inside" - Powerman 5000

2. Another one bites the dust
Yet another pair of headphones have fallen victim to my toxic sweat. Adidas' Sweatproof headphones are no match for what I've got going on. Only the left ear bud works, so I gotta go pick up another pair (or steal the Turtle's....oh wait, I think this IS his pair), while we send these back since they're under warranty! Wahoo! Bet Adidas never thought anyone would end up using that! Ha!

3. My Sticker is here!
Because I just couldn't seem to find any stickers for 15.02 half marathons, I made one myself. Seriously, I couldn't pass this up.

4. Cuddle time
All these extra trips home the last few weekends have given me more cuddle time with my cuddle muffin!

Just one more 9 miler tomorrow, and an eliptical run on Thursday and I'll be on my way!

1 comment:

  1. Short sleeves with armbands! You can always take the armbands off! :) Also, I am glad I'm not the only one that sweats through headphones like nobody's business. What is the deal there??

    I LOVE YOUR STICKER - I am having major anxiety about my half next week (it merges with the full) and going the wrong way, etc. I think I will just try to embrace it!!!