Thursday, October 11, 2012

SuckFest 2012

I'm tired! I think my body has finally realized I snuck in 2 Half Marathons in 3 weeks and it's letting me know.

"Seriously, what the heck, woman?! You may be half freak and half robot, but come on!"

And since I haven't taken any days for recovery in between, my legs are finally feeling it.

With that said, I had a feeling yesterday's run was going to be a major suck fest. I was dreading it all morning at work, despite knowing I'd have my mom-tourage, and I had the grouchy mood to go with it. Could I just fast forward to when I'm at my 9?

To make matters worse, I could hear the wind whistling over my sunroof while I drove home and the temperature was only a mere 53 degrees. Oh this is going to be fantastic.

Crazy humans

We got down to the straighter-than-a-needle bike path (double yuck) and started SuckFest 2012. Have you ever noticed when you're running on a completely straight path it feels like you're making absolutely no progress?

Yeah, that smile won't last

Not even a mile into the run mom asked me a question and I could barely squeak out a one-word reply. Geez. The wind is at my back and already I'm sucking wind? Ahhhhhhhhhh!

We managed to make it to the turnaround and it was all downhill from there....Ha!

The second we faced the other direction, hurricane-force winds beared down on us and it was all my mom and I could do to stay straight. If the creek had been closer, mom would have found her way in it. This suuuuuuuuucks.

Before getting battered by the wind

Somehow, we made it back to the parking lot and when I mustered up the courage to look at my Garmin, I burst out laughing. 7:18 pace! No wonder it sucked so much!!! How on earth did I manage to hit that speed when I was barely moving at all?

Mom, however, didn't seem to find my achievement quite so funny. Actually, she may or may not have threatened my life for making her match that speed....

Good thing the bike was between us

And now, I am a very short distance away from my Disney vacation (yippee!) and I (and my legs) are looking foward to 6 days off....well, "off " if you don't count the 8 billion miles we'll cover in the parks, of course!

I don't know about you guys, but this weekend, I am taking a nap!


  1. Hope you enjoy your weekend! Sounds like you need the break....

  2. Rest up so you can enjoy DIsney! GOing to catch up on your race recap right now.