Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dolphins

The Works on Paper contest, (held at the Rosewood Art Gallery) is coming up! The contest is in February, but entries need to be submitted at the beginning of January. The catch- all submissions need to be on paper. And framed.

Suddenly, that 36" x 48" canvas isn't looking so bad

I prefer painting on canvas. I like my canvases. When I paint, I paint big, so the bigger the space the better. In order for me to paint on paper, I have to get heavy duty watercolor paper, which can be purchased in notebooks. I've never seen any much bigger than 11" x 17", and, I have to keep in mind that it needs to be framed. I'm cheap, so for the contest I choose my subject and the size based on what can fit in the less expensive on-the-shelf frames at Michaels, rather than custom framing it.

On the plus side, the smaller size does help it get done a lot faster.

I would love, love, love to have one of my pieces accepted into the contest. Sure, there's a prize for the winner, but I just want to get one of my pieces in. It would be so awesome to have one of my pieces hanging in a show and would get me exposure I could really use.

Anyway, you can submit 3 entries per entry fee, and here is my 1st! It's pretty simple, but I like it.

And the finished product.....

"The Dolphins" - 10" x 13" Acrylic

I've already sketched out my 2nd entry, so I'm just zooming along!


  1. Nice! I really like how simple it is, yet the sky has a complex combination of colors...well done!

  2. Love it! I hope you get in!
    Of all the Disney races, I'd LOVE that Donald medal! Some day!

  3. Pretty! I can't wait to see what your other entries are too!