Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Coming Home, I'm Coming Home

Ok, not exactly......


I took this pic with a disposable camera! Every pic you take there is a postcard!

Which  I swear will one day be my home. So ya know, I might as well get used to calling it that now, right?

I am so beyond excited! I have been desperate for a vacation for the last few months, spending my free time planning pretend vacations to tropical locations and cursing friends on facebook when they post their vacay pics. So, the Turtle and I bit the bullet and booked!

It's all Kroger's fault. They didn't have the Turtle's hair gel. 
He's very picky

So, then we had to go to Target to look for it there. And any trip to Target leads to the Turtle trolling around electronics for an ungodly amount of time (and me setting up house in the clothes dept). When I found the Turtle oogling a water-proof video camera, he said how perfect it would be to use in Hawaii. I completely agreed and said (whined), "Yeah, if only we were going nooooooow."

Wellllll, one thing led to another, and by the time we made it to the parking lot, we'd decided to go. By 11pm that night, our room and airfare were booked (all that fantasy-planning came in handy)!

Now I just have contain my excitement to a reasonable level until later this summer. To tide mysef over, I watched a bunch of Hawaii specials on Travel Channel and browsed thru my old Hawaii pics from trips in the past! Hawaii, here I come!!!!!!!!

Mystery Solved: The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is at the end of a rainbow

I made the Turtle get up at 4:30am to run to the sunrise...and I'll do it again, too.

Trashy romance novels were made for beaches!

On the Road to Hana


  1. Lucky You!! Have a great time. I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for some time!! You just reminded me!!

  2. Fantastic! I so. Need to go back. We were there for the Maui half marathon of all things. The Caveman was running it. I was preggo with Thing 2. Love it there! Who doesn't?