Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wings Are Back

Happy National Runner's Day!

What makes it better? I had the best run in a long time today! I really got into my groove and for the first time in months felt like my old self. I was flying. I'm so happy!

Memorial Day's trot-filled run really messed with my head, what with all the breaks I had to take. Sensible Me kept telling myself I wasn't feeling well and it was more humid than a sauna. But Freak Me kept telling myself I suck and I'm going to be back with the octogenarians and stroller pushers for the Air Force Half Marathon in September. So, I decided that I would only take water breaks every 5k during my runs. Which means, in the total of my 9 mile run, I only stop twice. Of course, this will alter slightly on the days I run outside in mugginess, but for the track, I think it's a decent plan.

My new running home

I haven't been perfect, mostly because until today I was still adjusting to my new shoes. The extra cushioning my shoes have under the balls of my feet were making it tighter there and causing the little balls under my pinkie toes to go numb. Very painful. I had to keep stopping to readjust my laces. It probably doesn't help that the calluses under my pinkie toes are the size of golf balls (I have seriously nasty feet...and I love them!)

So, I've been wearing callus removers to help trim them down over the last few days and today, I ran in thinner socks...and it worked! My feet didn't go numb at all! Wahoo!

Don't be fooled by their cuteness - these things wreak!

Bike tomorrow, which is probably a good thing because my right thigh is a little sore from always running counter clockwise. When you add last Wed. this past Mon. and today, that's 888 left turns! I might need to run outside soon to give myself a new direction.

Seriously? Couldn't you guys do something else, like odd or even dates so not every Mon is left?

Of course, there may have been another reason for my super speed today... I'm a little bit lighter!

I literally hadn't cut my hair since before my wedding, not even a trim. My logic was it would grow longer quicker. Unfortunately, it just made it ratty. (and I swear, it hasn't grown an inch in the past 1 1/2 years!) So, off it went! I haven't been this short since 2004!

I was going thru a bit of a dark period....

Hope you all enjoyed your National Running Day!


  1. Your little tinkerbell socks are ADORABLE!

    So glad you had such a great run, those are the best.

    Annnd your new hair cut looks beautiful on you! I also wait WAY too long between cuts.

    1. Thank you! But you do so well cutting it yourself!

  2. Umm your do looks amazing - brings out your other qualities, in a not so dirty old man kinda way.