Monday, June 25, 2012


It was a double feature this weekend!

2 cars, 2 dogs, 2 runs!

2 CARS: We drove up to Cleveland to visit the fam. Since the Turtle had to get his car fixed up there, I figured it'd be a good idea to take 2 cars just in case (and I didn't want to step foot in that death trap!). Good thing too, because his car wasn't fixed in time so I had to leave the Turtle back home so I could get to work today (another fun-filled night of sleeping on the couch with the TV on for me).

2 RUNS: RRB's schedule cleared up on Saturday morning, so we decided to hit the newly opened mountain bike trail he and his group had helped build. There are 3 loops going up a 1 mile hill. It was so much fun! We did 9 miles and we both felt great. I really miss running with the RRB, we used to run 3x a week together back when I was home, so it was really nice to catch up and hurdle over logs together again ( I also grossed out a woman in the ladies' room when she walked in on me soaking my head under the sink :) )

The Rock Stars back together again!

When I got home from our run, my mom was kicking herself that she passed up a mom-tourage opportunity. Well, I couldn't dissappoint and rob her of the experience! So we saddled up Sunday morning, and hit my beloved Towpath Trail. I was a little nervous because I hadn't run a 2-in-a-row in over a year, let alone with the 1st day's 9 miler being extremely hilly. But it turned out great! I felt better than I have in over a year! I was flying, didn't need to take extra breaks and was just reveling in being on my path! We took my new camera along to test it out (and cuz I'm obsessed with pictures).

My running happy dance afer I checked my Garmin and say 7:36/pace

2 DOGS: My mom is puppy-sitting my brother's dog for a week, much to Teddy's chagrin. So, I spent my free time snuggling my Teddy-kins to remind him he's still the BEST dog in the whole wide world.

Milking it for sympathy cuddles...and I bought it, hook, line & sinker
Branching out to get sympathy from passing cars
Sneaking in a cuddle with the enemy while Teddy isn't looking

The Turtle and I managed to squeeze in a trip to our favorite spot, Huntington Beach, to see the sunset over Lake Erie.

Hope all of your weekends were just as fantastic as mine!

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  1. Looks like SO much fun! Yay for some fantastic runs!