Friday, June 1, 2012

Lovely Blog Award

I've been nominated for the Lovely Blog long as I tell you 7 interesting facts about myself. Problem is, I used up all of my interesting facts last year when I got the Versatile Blogger Award. Have no fear! I've scraped the bottom of the barrel and now present to you:

 7 Semi-Interesting Facts about Me

1. I hate being late. Consequently, I hate when others are late as well. This was in direct conflict with the Turtle's "Greek Time" when we first started dating...until he learned. Mwahahaha.

2. If I'm wearing a dress, I have to throw a football. It all started when I went to my first prom. While waiting for my date to pick me up, my brothers were tossing the football around in the front yard. I hitched up my skirt and jumped right in and a tradition was born. Now, everytime a tux or a ball gown is involved, a football has to be thrown (and I don't even like football!).

Manicure be damned!

3. I have an unnatural obsession with Honey Bunches of Oats. The Fruit Blends flavors to be exact. I usually have 6-8 boxes in the closet at any given time. The Turtle says our closet looks like Doomsday Preppers.

Did I mention I was their 1st Fan of the Week?

4. I am in a time capsule. The Cleveland Bicentennial Education Time Capsule. Back in 1996, the City of Cleveland held a contest for all the area school kids to write a creative journal about what we thought the future would be like. I won! So my journal is now sitting in the Cleveland Natural History Museum, waiting to be opened in 2046.

The capsule sits under a Foucault Pendulum base in the lobby

5.  I love to read. Which made me like a kid in the candy store when I worked in a library for 10 years!

6. I'm a destructor. If it can break, I'll figure out a way, especially if it has to do with technology. I'm on my 2nd ipod and my umpteenth pair of headphones. I can snarl up the cable box like nobody's business, and don't get me started on my car radio. I managed to get a whole beach worth of sand inside my camera on our honeymoon, and to this day you can hear it grinding when the lens zooms out. And today... I broke my sunglasses on my way to work!

7. I can sleep anywhere. Car, school, movie theater, airplane, have all been christened with my Zzzzzs. 


  1. Fun! Very cool about the time capsule. I put some stuff in one back in 5th grade but I don't think it's being opened for 100 years.

  2. I can't stand it when people are late. I've always said, "to be on time is to be late, to be early is to be on time."

  3. i love the football tradition! So funny. Very cool about the time capsule!