Thursday, June 14, 2012


Everyone should run with a mom-tourage! There is just no other way!

With mom visiting this week to keep me company (and escape all her normal chores and housework back home), it's been oodles of fun. Lots of shopping, walking (more on that later) and of course, working out!

But, I couldn't just let her simply relax and enjoy her visit, she had to earn her keep! So we filled up the water bottles, loaded up the bike and headed off to the  path for a sun-soaked 9-miler.

another reason Target trips are necessary: Water bottle bags!

I knew it wouldn't be the best run in the world, since my body's not used to the faster pace I run when there were some quick water breaks (thanks, mom!). Plus, the bandaid I had on my Achilles kept scrunching up until I finally gave up and ripped it off (and then had to rip off my sock that had gotten stuck into my now oozing blister. So cool). I now have a matching set of Achille's blisters, one for each foot.

It was so nice having someone to talk to while I ran. Much more entertaining than the same old songs I listen to on my iPod!

After the run (7:36/min pace!), we headed over to the Base to lift weights. Much to my horror, there was a sign up saying the gym will be closed the week of July 4th. NOOOOOOO! But, it will be for the best, because they're closing it to install 3 giant fans to try to keep our tin can gym from getting up to 100 degrees this summer. There are 2 other gyms on Base that I can use, so I'll just have to figure out where those are that week. I hate changes to my routine!!!

The Beaver statues, sprinkled all over the City like Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame guitars in Cleveland

It was a lot hotter than I thought

Last night, Mom and I went for out 3rd walk to Target (there just always seems to be a reason to go there!). It's about 3/4 of a mile from my house, complete with a goose-dropping obstacle course. Today, after I ride the bike, I think I'm going to wash all my stinky sweat off in our development's pool! Mwahahahaha!

We never really think thru the fact we have to carry back however much we buy

New painting coming soon!

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  1. Yeah the gym closure will be annoying. I used to go to the other one and it's claustrophobic and crowded - but AC'd. It has a rubberized outdoor path, too.

    Aww ;-) I miss my mom!