Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turtle the Graduate

Such a handsome guy
My Turtle is a graduate!

The Turtle's commencement for his Master's was this weekend, and I was so proud to see him all gussied up like Harry Potter in his graduation robes! He actually got his Master's degree in December, but the wonderful world of paperwork and bass-akwards college red tape made him miss getting his name in time for the winter ceremony. But that's ok, because June makes for much better graduation pictures!

My favorite part of graduation ceremonies are the decorations on top of the mortar boards. I planned what I would put on mine my entire senior year (ok, my entire collegiate career). Its fun and really helps your friends and family pick you out from their seats in the nosebleeds. 

I thought this was appropriate

For the Turtle's, I thought of all his geeky favorites and went with Transformers. I google-imaged the Autobot symbol and got to work. The task was a little daunting because mortar boards aren't exactly your everyday paper or canvas.... You only get one shot. Luckily, this was pretty straight forward and I was having a good night. I was able to sketch it out on the board with white colored pencil with no goofs!

Look ma, no mistakes!
I ended up coloring it in with my regular white acrylic paint, because I had a hunch the Turtle wouldn't approve of the silver glitter paint pen I'd originally planned on using. Men.

Ta da!
He was very excited and got several compliments! I was able to spot him right away from our sky-high seats at the arena. He was the only Autobot in the place!

I wore pink, using my race-dressing strategy so the Turtle would be able to spot us up in our seats

Other than that, the weekend has been pretty busy. With getting up early for the ceremony yesterday and then even earlier today to drop the Turtle off at the airport for a business trip, I'm exhausted. While he was texting me pics of himself bleary-eyed at the airport, I taunted him with a pic of my luxurious nap.

My mom's staying with me this week so I don't start seeing ghosts around every corner. Which means.....I have a mom-tourage for at least one run! I can't wait!


  1. Congrats to Nick! That's a great accomplishment. Of course, behind every man's degree is a supporting wife prodding him along. Now it's your turn. On a side note, 2 Associate degrees, a bachelors and a masters and I have NEVER walked across the stage during graduation. Man, I suck. However, I did get to see my eldest get her Associates degree on Friday at UC. Congrats to all the graduates this weekend.

    1. I like the way you think! Congrats to your daughter!

  2. Congrats to the Turtle! Custom mortarboards were so not the rage when I graduated, then again it was the stone age...
    Enjoy the mom-tourage!