Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pat's House

Yesss! I finally found the motivation to finish this painting! I was really getting sick of seeing it lying around and there are so many other paintings I want to get started on!

Friday, I gathered up all of my strength to ignore the couch's siren call and got to work. Recently I have found a bunch of really fun photoshopping websites where you can upload pictures and mess around with them. It has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me! Now, pictures I never thought I could paint, I can! The little effects you can do help me break down the painting into something more linear that I can wrap my head (and brush) around. I'm so excited! Had I not found these sites, I probably would have turned down my coworker's request for it.

Here's the picture Pat gave me of her house:

And here it is after I photoshopped it:

Let the games begin....

The sketch that laid on my kitchen counter for a month

Once I got the tree done, I knew I could do this painting

Painting the sky was so much fun!

And finally............

Pat's House - 14" x 11" Acrylic


  1. Beautiful, as per your usual work!

    The sky may be my favorite part, lovely shades of blue!

  2. You've captured it perfectly! Beautiful!
    Yes, I was asked (by his handler)to run with the Bachelor so no stalking needed.