Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Gyms, 1 Girl

I'm beginning to collect gym memberships like I collect running shoes!

Last Thursday, I got the boot from my special little AC-ed room at the base gym. It seems they think I don't belong in a room meant for rehabilitating active and retired military (I'm usually always rehabilitating, that should count for something!). Sad as I was to lose my free AC-ed room, I kind of knew my days there were numbered. It was inevitable that they'd notice the very non-military little girl, pedaling away to The Chew.

I may be kicked out, but I left my mark. Mwahahahaha!

But have no fear! LA Fitness just happens to have 5 of the exact same bikes (Star-Trac) that I love to use! Sunday, I dragged the Turtle with me to help negotiate a membership. I tend to tune out after about 2 minutes of technical talk about things like terms and agreements, so I thought reinforcements would help. How little did I know......

Buying a membership soon became a U.N. negotiation with a little bit of Good Cop, Bad Cop thrown in. You would have thought the Turtle was negotiating an arms deal with some European country, not whether or not we could pay in full so as not to have our credit card number on file! And when the salesman couldn't get the check scanning machine to work,  fumes came out of the Turtles ears! I was alternating between smiling apologetically to the guys and glaring warning daggers at the Turtle.  I even had to mouth "Behave!"

In the end, the Turtle talked them down $20 and now I am the proud member of LA Fitness. When I think about it, this is the 7th gym I have access to! Between 3 gyms on base, the 2 indoor tracks facilities, LA Fitness and the rec center by my mom's house, that makes 7! The Turtle texted me while I was dripping sweat all over LA Fitness's carpet yesterday (seriously, who puts carpet under gym equipment?!), asking me to remind him again why I couldn't just use the bikes at the base? I politely reminded him that I don't question why he needs a whole stable of gaming systems (this weekend he bought an original Nintendo AND a Gamecube at 1/2 Price Books). I think he got my drift.

I won't complain about this. You don't complain about that!

Note the fancy shmancy hard wood lockers

In running news, my right achille's has been stiffening up again, just like last year. When I wake up in the morning it is so stiff  I hobble down the steps til it loosens up. I read up on it and they say adding heel cushions may help, so I stuck some Dr. Scholl's in my running shoes (completely defeating the purpose of my semi-minimalist Brooks). They felt great! So hopefully it'll improve soon, though Achille's injuries usually take awhile.

I cut the back off too, ya know, just to be extra safe!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Those shoes are super cute, no matter what surgeries you've done to them!

    I laugh because there is carpet under the spinning bikes - there are mats too, but ew. Who thought of that? You have to deep clean it way too often for me!

  2. Good score on the game systems - LA Fitness - bah! Sounds like a trendy Hollywood style place frequented by wanna be's and look at me's. Knowing you'll set em straight in there and show 'em how it's done!

    1. Well, there was a guy who had a fake tan and a neon pink shirt hanging out by the mirrors. I'll just sling sweat at the posers!